Follow your dreams

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 10 January, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 10 January, 2012, 12:00am


Do you know what you want to be? To truly live, is to follow your heart, to realise that you can achieve your dreams.

You have your dream, and you want to live it. Well, to get there, you need to take a few steps along the way. Nobody ever accomplishes their dream by just wishing. You have to work at it a little bit at a time.

As you take a new direction in life, you will experience growing pains. But remember to take time to have fun, to balance your priorities - to love, laugh, cry and allow yourself to be a normal person.

Even if you know what your dream is, sometimes it's hard to know how to follow it. I suppose a lot of it comes down to taking risks. Once you discover what will make you happy, then try to catch it as best you can. It's your life - go live it.

Gurprit Kaur, Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo)

From the Editor

Thank you for your letter, Gurprit. You are absolutely right when you say that no one ever fulfilled their dreams simply by wishing, but it's a good start. But more important is to understand that life is not a destination. It's a journey. And that the grass can always appear greener on the other side.

You might dream to be a concert violinist, but in reality only be good enough to be one of the members of the symphony. Fame and fortune are never guaranteed, so you always need to have a 'Plan B' for back-up. You also need to enjoy the process.

If you don't enjoy the process, you'll find your achievement a very hollow victory indeed. Let's take, for example, the businessman who spends every waking hour at the office to make money so that he and his family will enjoy life. When he is rich, his family is so distant from him that he is alone with all the money and he has no one to share it with.

Having a goal is great, but life is what happens to you in the meantime.

Susan, Editor