Paths and hearts meet a long way from home

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 21 January, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 21 January, 2012, 12:00am


Vivi Wei and Arthur Zhang grew up in the same city and later moved to the same university town, but their paths didn't cross until six years ago when they moved to Hong Kong.

Vivi, 28, features editor at the Chinese-language newspaper Wen Wei Po, and Arthur, 32, a book editor at Joint Publishing (HK), wed last Sunday in Kunming , Yunnan province.

They met in the summer of 2006. Vivi, who had just joined Wen Wei Po, was assigned to join Arthur on the arts and books section. As they became friends, they discovered that they were both from Kunming and went to university in Beijing before coming to work in Hong Kong.

'You can imagine how much we had in common,' Vivi recalled. 'It was just great to talk about the different types of chilli sauce that our Hong Kong colleagues wouldn't have a clue about.'

Spending long hours together at work, the pair gradually grew closer. Arthur let Vivi know that he wanted to take it further, but she turned him down. 'I was too young and the chemistry didn't work straight away,' she said. 'But we were very good friends and we clicked ... I was sometimes the only one who laughed at his jokes.'

During Lunar New Year in 2010, their relationship reached a tipping point. Arthur was about to leave his job to work at another company. 'I was just hit by the feeling that I really didn't want to see him go,' Vivi said.

After a long telephone chat with Arthur, Vivi realised that they should give love a try. 'He was saying how it would have been great if this year he could have brought a girlfriend home for Lunar New Year, and I joked that it really depended on how he behaved,' she said.

When they returned to Hong Kong after the Lunar New Year holidays they started dating.

'The second time around was perfect,' Vivi said. 'I knew I didn't want to lose him and it was like all the parts of the puzzle just came together ... He's very mature and responsible, and always makes me laugh. He's got this peculiar type of humour, but it works for me.'

After dating for a year, the couple began talking about marriage.

'His proposal wasn't very dramatic, and actually he asked me to marry him a few times and every time he was pretty serious,' she said.

Vivi knew Arthur was the one because she was able to be herself when they were together.

'We both love each other being our true selves. I can just be myself and let my guard down.'