Dandy & Dapper

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 22 January, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 22 January, 2012, 12:00am


What's all this I'm hearing about 'kilt' shoes being in fashion? Can you guys help me work this out?

Mr Dapper: That, sir, would be kiltie, not kilt - but the association is relevant. The kiltie shoe was adapted from a Scottish golf shoe, but please don't think of clomping around the city in your sports shoes. The kiltie is essentially an Oxford featuring a decorative tongue of fringed leather draped over the top, covering the eyelets and laces. It was none other than the Duke of Windsor who popularised this style outside Britain, particularly in the United States. From lace-ups, it has now extended to other shoe styles, such as slip-ons and moccasins. However, to be honest, I feel tassels on loafers are the extreme end of embellishment. That's why I'm happy to stick with my new navy suede tassel moccasins by Alden (HK$4,080; Tassels, The Landmark, Central, tel: 2789 9911).

Mr Dandy: Way to stop just when it was getting interesting, Dapper. I'm also liking the kiltie trend, seen in recent seasons on the runways of Prada and Gucci and the street look of style god Nick Wooster. Church's can't be beat for its Shanghai shoe (HK$8,970; Pacific Place, Admiralty, tel: 2918 1091), and we'll also take a pair of the similar but less expen- sive Alan (HK$4,700). I'm also liking the fringed and buckled suede Capri loafer by Salvatore Ferragamo (HK$4,850; Pacific Place, tel: 2845 2718).

I saw an Aubin & Wills tie I liked in corduroy but I dithered and now they seem to be out of stock. Any alternatives?

Mr Dandy: Alternatives for a tie in corduroy? Yeah, here's an idea: don't wear one. I checked online for you, because I'm a nice kind of guy, but both www.aubinandwills.com and www.mrporter.com are sold out of the corduroy Hynecroft tie (which was about HK$420). What am I missing here? Unless you're ancient, you're better off buying some cooler stuff by the brand's younger label, Jack Wills, which opened a giant store in Causeway Bay last year (Leighton Centre, tel: 3105 1798; www.jackwills.com.hk). I mean, seriously, isn't corduroy best left to jackets for backwoods professors and trousers for old men? Over to you, Dapper.

Mr Dapper: Very funny. I'll admit corduroy might not be the usual choice for a necktie fabric, but I favour the look and texture of wintry fabrics such as cashmere and wool during the cooler months so I'm willing to go with it. A tour of local shops unfortunately yielded rather disappointing results, so I went online where I found the most amusing website run by The Corduroy Appreciation Club (www.corduroyclub.com; motto 'Hail the wale'). Click on 'store' to see its selection of fine cotton corduroy neckties in your choice of red, navy, slate, brown, black or striped selling for HK$320 each, not including shipping. Although out of stock when I last checked, new stocks are promised this month. The skinnier width, 7.6cm, should appeal to younger Dandy types, which I take as evidence that enlightened young bucks are taking on these ties in an emerging trend. After further research, I even found them at www.urbanoutfitters.com for just HK$155. As ever, please bear in mind, gentlemen, that anything is possible with the right tailor. Consider having your ideal tie custom made.