Anti-capitalist protesters turn to yoga for the day

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 22 January, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 22 January, 2012, 12:00am


An anti-capitalist protest camp became a yoga den for the day yesterday, as Occupy Central campaigners stretched their limbs, meditated and gave each other massages.

'Yoga is the synergy between mind and spirit, and allows us to be more pure and serve our world,' said yoga instructor and session organiser Connie Tung Ka-ki, who prefers to be known by her spiritual name, Kana Lea. 'Each breath allows us to realise what we are grateful for.'

Tung is the founder of the One Love Tribe - which provides free lessons to the public on a range of subjects to generate social values closer to the heart, not money. The yoga lesson, which took place at the protest camp under the HSBC Main Building, involved 31 people, including protesters, dedicated yoga practitioners and the public. It was led by two certified yoga teachers.

'In Chinese culture, it is uncommon to be openly affectionate,' Tung said as participants took part in a chain massage. 'But we can in yoga because we become one force so there is no discrimination.'

She said that participants were courteous to onlookers and to the police, who in turn helped them pick a safe location that would not disrupt Lunar New Year holiday crowds. 'The police are human too. If we treat people with courtesy, they will respond with kindness,' Tung said.