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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 25 January, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 25 January, 2012, 12:00am


On the difficulties disabled people face finding a job:

Sam Ho - There is indeed an obstacle to disabled employment. There are too many people who think the disabled are not productive, or even dangerous, particularly for those who are mentally ill or mentally handicapped. This attitude has to be changed. Disabled people are as productive as able-bodied people as long as their disabilities are not related to their work. And as for the mentally ill, no danger is posed as long as they receive proper treatment.

Jack Sze - Unlike other fresh graduates, the disabled have better loyalty to the company. Their attitudes towards job duties should be hailed and appreciated. I am totally in favour of a quota system with some job vacancies for the disabled.

On calls for the public to have more information about government's reclamation plans:

Tree Lam - Does anyone really think it is because the government wants to reclaim that it introduces such a campaign? The officials know the general public is likely to object to it, and then they would say 'It is the members of the public who disagree, how about revising the policy on country parks?'

On the poor treatment experienced by some mainland shoppers:

Pierre Wong - I feel the behaviour of the mainland Chinese tourists is something that is overblown and made into a big deal. I know what's being talked about but it's a sort of childlike crudeness, whereas actually in places like Australia, it's possible to also see a lot of rude people who are really nasty and uptight. This is a more sophisticated and determined type of rudeness and it's also sometimes more subtle.