Bad year for Jobs? Fung shui master on defensive

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 29 January, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 29 January, 2012, 12:00am


A leading fung shui master has defended his ability as a soothsayer after posting on his website a prediction of a bad Year of the Dragon ... for Apple chief Steve Jobs.

The website of Raymond Lo reads: 'For people who needs [sic] support of fire element, such as French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou, [Japanese] prime minister Naoto Kan, [Apple's] Steve Jobs, 2012 will not be favourable as their fire is absent.'

The forecast also mentions Jobs as a person born on a dragon day and predicts that the year would bring relationship disharmony and complications for such people.

Considering Jobs died on October 5 - nearly four months before the Year of the Dragon began - it might appear that Lo, one of Hong Kong's leading fung shui masters, got it embarrassingly wrong.

Lo insists that the forecast was correct and that he strongly felt that because of the dominating fung shui influences, Jobs would not see out the dragon year. He said the prediction was written six months before Jobs died of pancreatic cancer and before he resigned in August.

'I did not think he would survive the dragon year but I don't want to write someone will die when they are still alive, even though when you know the mechanisms of the five elements it is quite obvious,' Lo said.

'With a public figure, I would not openly say they will die. Even if I did a consultation face to face, I would not tell someone they are going to die. There is always hope and we would only say that a person is heading for very difficult and dangerous times.

'I wrote this in the middle of last year so it could be published in my almanac. Jobs was still alive then. I publish [it] every year on my website and I cannot change it once it has been put there. But I have already updated it in a book called The Old Secret published in December.'

Also overtaken by events was Kan's role as Japan's prime minister. He resigned from the post back in August.