Power of connection

PUBLISHED : Monday, 30 January, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 30 January, 2012, 12:00am


In the business of financial companies, a short downtime in internet services can incur huge losses. For a serviced office provider such as Servcorp, which has many clients in the financial sector, a primary concern is to ensure a fast and uninterrupted internet connection.

'Having a reliable and robust technology platform with multiple redundancies is critical to ensure our clients can run their businesses smoothly and enjoy reliable and fast connection,' says Marcus Moufarrige, chief operating officer of Servcorp. 'Our uptime is 99.98 per cent. You will never find our internet down.'

Moufarrige adds that the company has a back-up electricity generator and, with Servcorp as the direct internet service provider, the security of the IT environment is enhanced. 'We are in total control of security issues; we don't share bandwidth with anyone,' he says.

Clients will not find their internet slowing down as more serviced offices come online. A specialised and dedicated IT team monitors usage level and arranges additional bandwidth when usage reaches 70 per cent. IT support is available 24/7 as different geographical areas take over from each other around the clock.

The powerful IT infrastructure benefits clients in many ways - no matter if they are serviced office clients or virtual office clients.

'We can allocate a local phone number to you immediately, as soon as you sign up with us,' Moufarrige says. 'We are the only service provider in the industry who can do that.'

The company can also allocate an overseas phone number to a client, who can then make calls to any phone in that destination for the cost of a local call. Servcorp's Onefone, meanwhile, is a portable, cost-effective and secure VOIP technology which turns a computer into a business phone, as the same overseas numbers installed on the office phone can be installed on your computer.

'You can make and receive calls on your computer from anywhere in the world, using high-speed broadband internet connection,' Moufarrige says. 'You can also use the local number - for example that of New York - to make or receive calls to or from New York and it will be billed as a local call from anywhere in the world for a small monthly fee.'

If a company's offices are all based at Servcorp serviced offices in different parts of the world, it pays to use the Global Dial system. For a package price, the different offices will get extension numbers and dialling those extensions will all be regarded as local calls.

Servcorp offers clients an online platform to book meeting rooms, change phone answering instructions and call transfer details, and access international business services and facilities throughout Servcorp's Global Network. It is possible to send a voice file to an e-mail address, so that the client can listen to the message directly, or the client can send a voicemail in a different language by e-mail to Servcorp for translation.

For those on the move, the company has a free iPhone application to book meeting facilities with instant confirmation and automatic e-mails sent to all participants.