Drugged driver takes fearful passengers on wild ride

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 31 January, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 31 January, 2012, 12:00am


A minibus driver was arrested for drug-driving after a panicked passenger called police for help early yesterday during a horror ride from Jordan to Tuen Mun.

Passengers said the red-topped minibus swung erratically for about half an hour after leaving a Jordan terminal at 1.30am.

A male passenger made the emergency call to police as the vehicle raced along Castle Peak Road near Tuen Mun. Police stopped the bus with a road block near Golden Beach in Castle Peak Road.

Officers found several drugs: two grams of suspected Ice, or methamphetamine, 0.6 grams of ketamine, and three Viagra pills.

No one was injured.

Officers believe the driver, aged 30 and surnamed Yung, took ketamine before the ride.

He was arrested for drug-driving and possessing dangerous drugs.

A criminal investigation team from Tuen Mun district is handling the case.

The drug haul was worth about HK$1,600.

Yeung had been working the overnight shift on the Jordan-Tuen Mun-Yuen Long route.

Five days ago, a 36-year-old man was arrested after he sped through a police roadblock in his Lexus and injured a policeman in Kung Um Road in Yuen Long. Police chased the driver for four kilometres until he slammed his car into railings near Greenery Place in Yuen Long.

The driver jumped out of the car and tried to escape. He was subdued, leaving another two officers injured.

Officers believed the man had taken ketamine and alleged it was the second time in 11 days he had sped through a roadblock.

He was allegedly involved in a 25-kilometre high-speed pursuit from Yuen Long to Mong Kok on January 15 when he also sped through a roadblock, hitting a traffic officer in Kam Tin Road.

Under the amended Road Traffic Ordinance due to take effect within months, drivers under the influence of illegal drugs may be jailed for up to three years and face a fine of HK$25,000.