PUBLISHED : Thursday, 02 February, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 02 February, 2012, 12:00am


New Releases

The Ides of March (IIB)

See review on this page.

Haywire (IIB)

See review on this page.

Anonymous (IIA)

Roland Emmerich's period drama positing that Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, penned the works that have been credited to William Shakespeare. Starring Rhys Ifans and Vanessa Redgrave. Not reviewed.

Chronicle (IIB)

Sci-fi-comedy-action-horror revolving around three high school students, vested with super powers after making an incredible discovery, whose lives spin out of control and friendship is tested after they embrace their darker sides. Not reviewed.

J. Edgar (IIB)

Leonardo DiCaprio stars in Clint Eastwood's biographical drama of FBI founder J. Edgar Hoover. CT

New Perfect Two (IIA) (Mandarin)

Chu Yen-ping's romantic comedy remake of a 1984 film about a race car driver (Vic Chou Yu-min) whose life is interrupted when a son, he never knew he had, suddenly makes an appearance in his life. Not reviewed.

The War Horse (IIA)

Steven Spielberg's adventure epic following the extraordinary journey of a horse during the first world war. Not reviewed.

General Releases

3 Idiots (IIA) (Hindi, Urdu and English)

Bollywood comedy about two friends (R. Madhavan and Sharman Joshi) who embark on a journey to find their lost engineering college buddy (Aamir Khan). CT

3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy (III) (Cantonese)

Stereoscopic reworking of Stephen Shiu Yeuk-yuen's 1991 soft-porn feature about the outrageous adventures of a scholar as he searches for the secrets of sexual pleasure. PF

A Happy Event (III) (French)

Comedy-drama centring on a philosophy graduate student who struggles to connect with her baby. CT

All's Well, Ends Well 2012 (IIA) (Cantonese and Putonghua)

Lunar New Year ensemble romantic comedy involving people who find love through a website that assigns men to help women out in return for a thank you hug. Starring Donnie Yen Ji-dan. LKW

Datong: The Great Society (I) (Cantonese, Putonghua, English and French)

Evans Chan Yiu-shing's docudrama about Qing dynasty political reformer Kang Youwei (Liu Kai-chi) who went into exile in Sweden. YT

The Descendants (IIB)

George Clooney stars in a drama about a prosperous scion of a Hawaiian family and father of two girls who re-examines his past and tries to reconnect with his daughters after his wife is seriously injured in a boating accident. CT

The Flowers of War (IIB) (English, Putonghua, Nanjing Chinese and Japanese)

Zhang Yimou's drama centring on a US mortician (Christian Bale) who finds refuge with Chinese prostitutes and schoolgirls in a church during Japan's rape of Nanking in 1937. Posing as a priest, he attempts to lead the women to safety. PF

From Up on Poppy Hill (I) (Japanese and Cantonese versions)

Studio Ghibli anime drama, set just before the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, about a spirited girl who works with a schoolmate to prevent the demolition of their school's student-club building. CT

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (III)

David Fincher's film adaptation of Stieg Larsson's crime novel about an odd couple's investigation into the truth behind the disappearance of a teenager along with a string of unsolved serial murders. Starring Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig. CT

The Great Magician (IIA) (Cantonese)

Tony Leung Chiu-wai stars as the titular conjurer in Derek Yee Tung-shing's light-hearted romantic comedy in which there's more than meets the eye with regards to many events and people, including a warlord (Lau Ching-wan) with many wives. PF

I Love HK 2012 (IIA) (Cantonese)

Lunar New Year comedy about the antics of a quirky family headed by a TV weatherman (Stanley Fung Sui-fan). Also starring Eric Tsang Chi-wai, Teresa Mo Shun-kwan, Bosco Wong Chung-chak and Denise Ho Wan-see. YT

Journey 2: Mysterious Island (IIA)

Stereoscopic adventure following an intrepid young man (Josh Hutcherson) who, with his new stepfather (Dwayne Johnson) and two others, heads to a mysterious island after receiving a coded distress signal from it. CT

The Muppets (I) (Cantonese and English versions)

The Muppets' latest humour-filled cinematic foray has Kermit the Frog and friends gathering together to save the old Muppets theatre after a big fan of theirs tells them that an oil baron is plotting to demolish their former studio to get to the black gold underneath. CT

My Name is Khan (IIA) (English and Hindi)

Shahrukh Khan stars in a romantic musical drama about a South Asian man living in the US who, after his stepson is accidentally killed in a racially incited assault, embarks on a journey to tell the US president that he is not a terrorist. CT

Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison (IIB) (Japanese)

Anime following adolescent ninja Naruto Uzumaki after he has been sent to a criminal facility, where he battles to uncover the truth behind mysterious murders as well as prove his own innocence. Not reviewed.

Puss in Boots (I) (Cantonese and English versions)

Dreamworks Animation's adventure comedy about a sword-fighting cat who teams up with Humpty Dumpty and Kitty Softpaws to steal the famed Goose that lays the Golden Eggs. Not reviewed.

The Skin I Live In (III) (Spanish)

Pedro Almodovar's drama-thriller revolving around a plastic surgeon (Antonio Banderas) who creates a type of synthetic skin that withstands any kind of damage - and his human guinea pig (Elena Anaya). CT

The Viral Factor (IIB) (Cantonese, Putonghua, English, Bahasa Malaysia and Arabic)

Dante Lam Chiu-yin's action thriller centring on a Chinese security agent (Jay Chou Jie-lun) who tries to stop a plot to release a viral plague upon the world by an organisation that includes his estranged elder brother (Nicholas Tse Ting-fung). CT

You are the Apple of My Eye (IIB) (Mandarin)

Giddens Ko Ching-teng's adaptation of his autobiographical coming-of-age novel about a high school student, his friends and the girl he will never forget. CT

Art House

HK Egyptian Film Festival

The Global Egyptian Film Festival society presents a programme of six Egyptian films, including the following five films. Until Feb 6. The Grand Cinema, 2/F Elements, 1 Austin Rd West, Kowloon, HK$75 Inquiries:

Cry of an Ant (aka Ant Scream)

Drama showing the trials and tribulations of daily life in Egypt as viewed through the eyes of a downtrodden man. In Arabic with English subtitles. Feb 2, 9.30pm, The Grand Cinema.

Chaos, This Is

Youssef Chahine and Khaled Youssef's romantic crime drama revolving around a love triangle involving a hated police officer, a young woman he lusts after and the uncorrupt deputy public prosecutor she is secretly in love with. In Arabic with English subtitles. Feb 3, 7.30pm, The Grand Cinema.

Egyptian Maidens

Mohamed Amin's drama centring on two virginal women in a male-dominated society where they are expected to comply with a rigid set of values. In Arabic with English subtitles. Feb 4, 9.30pm, The Grand Cinema.

A Citizen, a Detective and a Thief

Comedy-drama about a writer who unwittingly triggers an elaborate chain of events when he visits police headquarters to report his car has been stolen and runs into a meddlesome detective. In Arabic with English subtitles. Feb 5, 7.30pm, The Grand Cinema.


Ibrahim El-Batout's multi-subplot drama follows the journey of a prisoner released after five years of solitary confinement in order to fetch a sheath of important documents. In Arabic with English subtitles. Feb 6, 7.30pm, The Grand Cinema.

Celebrating Year of the Dragon

The HK Film Archive presents a programme of four films whose Chinese titles have the word 'dragon' in them, including the following film. Feb 3-24. Film Archive, 50 Lei King Rd, Sai Wan Ho, HK$20 Urbtix. Inquiries: 2739 2139

Sing her a Love Song

Musical comedy whose Chinese title of Dragon and Tiger Play Phoenix a Song refers to two male friends (Sun Ma Si Tsang and Yam Kim-fai), one of whom has a lover (Pak Suet-sin) who is a singer at a nightclub. In Cantonese. Feb 3, 11am, HK Film Archive.

Celebrating Chinese New Year

The HK Film Archive presents a programme of five Chinese New Year films from the 1960s to late 1980s, including the following three. Until Feb 5. HK Film Archive, 50 Lei King Rd, Sai Wan Ho, HK$30 Urbtix. Inquiries: 2739 2139

Foolish to be Wise

Mok Hong-si's 1966 comedy revolving around a pair of twin brothers - one of whom becomes rich, while the other ends up in financial trouble and concocts a scheme that sees his brother as his last hope for redemption. In Cantonese. Feb 4, 2pm, HK Film Archive.

Prince's Lovers

Chan Pei's 1964 period musical comedy about a crown prince (Lam Kar-sing) who, bored by his assigned fiancee cousin, goes in search of a talented princess on a white horse. In Cantonese. Feb 5, 5pm, HK Film Archive.

Hire a Husband

Lo Yu-kei's 1965 comedy about a nerdy writer (Cheung Ying-choi) who agrees to help out his kindhearted neighbour (Nam Hung) by pretending to be her husband so that she can become the sole heiress of her billionaire tycoon father's fortunes. In Cantonese. Feb 5, 7.30pm, HK Film Archive.

Dance on Screen 2

The HK Arts Festival presents the following programme of three dance documentaries. Feb 4-5. Palace IFC, Podium Level 1, IFC Mall, 8 Finance St, Central, HK$75 Inquiries: 2824 2430

Dreams of Babel

Documentary looking at the life and work of gay Belgian choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. In French with English subtitles. Feb 4, 2pm, Palace IFC.


Documentary showing French choreographer Jean-Christophe Maillot crafting, together with some visual artists, a contemporary dance work for Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo that takes the form of seven contemporary musical 'miniatures' reflecting seven different universes. No dialogue. Feb 5, 2pm, Palace IFC.

Zero Degrees

Documentary in which British-Bangladeshi dance choreographer Akram Khan and Belgian dance choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui explore the borders between countries and cultures, identity and the self and life and death. In English. Feb 5, 3.25pm, Palace IFC.

Gundam Movie Festival

Media Link Entertainment Limited presents a programme of Gundam-themed Japanese anime films, including the following two. Feb 4-Mar 10. MCL Telford Cinema, Telford Gardens, 33 Wai Yip St, Kowloon Bay, HK$60. Inquiries:

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Movie I

Anime set in a fictional universe revolving around the war between the Principality of Zeon and the Earth Federation it declares independence from. In Japanese with Chinese subtitles. Feb 4, 4pm, MCL Telford Cinema.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Movie II - Soldiers of Sorrow

The second instalment of the first Gundam anime trilogy about an Earth Federation boy citizen who changes the course of history after he comes across an RX-78 Gundam manned robot. In Japanese with Chinese subtitles. Feb 5, 4pm, MCL Telford Cinema.

100 Must-See Hong Kong Movies

The HK Film Archive presents a programme of 100 Hong Kong films from 1916 to 1999, including the following film. Until 2014. Broadway Cinematheque, Prosperous Garden, 3 Public Square St, Yau Ma Tei, HK$55; and HK Film Archive, 50 Lei King Rd, Sai Wan Ho, HK$30 Urbtix. Inquiries: 2734 2900

The Pregnant Maiden

Chor Yuen's comedy about two sisters, one of whom pretends to be pregnant to protect her secretly married sister from their father's fury. In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles. Feb 4, 7pm, HK Film Archive, Feb 12, 2pm, Broadway Cinematheque.

Classical in Cinema

Music Art & Film Culture Promotion Association of HK presents a high-definition programme of classical music concerts and opera films and transmissions including the following three HD films. Ongoing. Cyberport outdoor cinema, Podium, L4, Cyberport 2, 100 Cyberport Rd, Cyberport; GH Mongkok, G/F Grand Century Plaza, 193 Prince Edward Rd West, Mong Kok; The Grand Cinema, 2/F Elements, 1 Austin Rd West, Kowloon; and UA iSquare, 7/F iSquare, 63 Nathan Rd, TST, various prices, HK Ticketing (for Cyberport outdoor cinema) and respective cinemas. Inquiries: 6336 3595

Cyrano de Bergerac

Outdoor screening of Franco Alfano's operatic adaptation of Edmond Rostand's play about a big-nosed man of many talents who falls for a beautiful woman but believes that his physical appearance will make it impossible for her to love him. In French with English subtitles. Feb 4, 7pm, Cyberport ourdoor cinema, HK$130, HK$190.

Krystian Zimerman plays Beethoven with the Vienna Philharmonic

Film of a concert in which Leonard Bernstein conducts the Polish pianist Zimerman and the Austrian orchestra playing piano concertos composed by Beethoven. Feb 5, 4pm, The Grand Cinema, HK$100.

Barenboim plays The Chopin Piano Concertos

Outdoor screening of a film of a concert at the Ruhr Piano Festival in Essen during which pianist-maestro Daniel Barenboim turns over the conducting reins to Andris Nelsons to perform works by Chopin with the Staatskapelle Berlin. Feb 5, 7pm, Cyberport outdoor cinema, HK$130, HK$190.

Restored Treasures

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department presents a continuing series of movies that have undergone restoration work, including the following film. Ongoing. HK Film Archive, 50 Lei King Rd, Sai Wan Ho, HK$40 Urbtix. Inquiries: 2734 2901


Jean-Luc Godard's drama about a scriptwriter (Michel Piccoli) striving to make sense of his life while working on a rewrite of Homer's The Odyssey that is due to be turned into a film by an American producer and an European auteur with a disillusioned wife. In French and English with English subtitles. Feb 5, 2.30pm, HK Film Archive.

The Met: Live in HD in Hong Kong

Foundation for the Arts and Music in Asia presents a programme of high definition screenings of 11 operas performed by the Metropolitan Opera of New York, including the following one. Until Jul 8. Palace IFC, Podium Level 1, IFC Mall, 8 Finance St, Central; and UA Cityplaza, 5/F Cityplaza, 18 Taikoo Shing Rd, Taikoo Shing, HK$180. Also AMC Pacific Place, L1 Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, HK$220; and HK Arts Centre, 2 Harbour Rd, Wan Chai, HK$180, HK$220 Urbtix. Inquiries: 2880 9555


The Metropolitan Opera of New York's production of part three of Richard Wagner's Ring cycle. In German with English subtitles. Feb 5, 2.30pm, HK Arts Centre, Feb 19, 5.50pm, AMC Pacific Place.