Inspired septuagenarian to go the distance in 2013

PUBLISHED : Monday, 06 February, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 06 February, 2012, 12:00am


Veteran distance runner Leung Kam-wah says he is ready to tackle a full marathon after being inspired by centenarian athlete Fauja Singh.

'I am now 79 and want to compete in the marathon next year as I reach 80,' said Leung, who was likely the oldest participant in the half-marathon.

'Although I have little idea of Fauja's living style, he must be strong to finish such a long race at such an old age. I am still very fit and 20 years younger than Fauja.

' I have full confidence to take on a marathon next year.'

Weighing in at 50kg with a normal blood pressure, of 115/70, Leung maintains a healthy lifestyle, sleeping at 9pm and waking at 6.30am.

He finished the half-marathon in two hours 30 minutes - three minutes behind his time in 2011.

'I am one year older and therefore it came as little surprise that I needed another three minutes,' he said.

'As I can finish 21 kilometres in two hours and 30 minutes, I don't think I need more than three hours and 30 minutes to finish the remaining half-marathon next year [in Hong Kong].'

Six hours is the limit set by organisers to finish the full marathon, or the runner will be picked up by a bus as a non-finisher.

Leung ran a marathon in 5 hours 17 minutes in Pattaya, Thailand, when he was 75.

He started running at the age of 30 when he was a member of the disciplinary forces in Hong Kong, and still runs three times a week.

'It's a good habit - a habit that can keep your body in good condition,' he said.