Hospitals' guide to healthy way forward

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 10 December, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 10 December, 1994, 12:00am

THE Health Department's first Public Health Report proclaims that, 'The promotion of public health in Hong Kong requires a new orientation to prevention with special emphasis on the . . . avoidance of high risk lifestyles' (report headlined, 'Prevention seen as way forward for health care', South China Morning Post, December 5).

This is welcome news for those health care professionals who have long realised that prevention of chronic illness not only makes economic sense (cents), but also enhances quality of life, primarily in the middle years.

However, such a prevention orientated programme is already operational in Hong Kong. Both Hong Kong Adventist Hospital and Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital have been advocating and promoting healthy lifestyles since they opened their doors more than 20 years ago. At these hospitals, ongoing Health Promotion Classes are offered in such areas as smoking cessation, stress management, nutrition, heart disease risk reduction, and physical fitness and family health. The report also stated, 'The targets for preventive strategies must be the home, school, and workplace.

Here again, Hong Kong Adventist Hospital is already setting the trend. Every year we arrange health screenings and classes for schools and companies in accordance with their perceived health education needs.

The Public Health Report is to be commended in identifying the problem. The solution can only come as each individual takes more responsibility for his or her own health and learns how to eat, drink, work, and relax in a more healthful way.

To learn more about living a healthier life, a free 1995 class schedule booklet is available by calling the Health Promotion/Wellness Department of Hong Kong Adventist Hospital at 574-6211, extension 888. Most classes are offered free of charge (donations accepted) as a community service, but since enrolment is limited early registration is encouraged.

WILLIAM C. ANDRESS, DrPH Director Health Promotion/Wellness Department Hong Kong Adventist Hospital