For two friends, love took a while to enter the picture

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 11 February, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 11 February, 2012, 12:00am


Jocelyn Kong thought K.C. Chan was a bit of a playboy when they first met a decade ago studying at the London School of Economics. Ten years on, the picture could not be more different.

Jocelyn, 28, a client advocate with a compliance advisory firm, and 30-year-old wedding photographer K.C. will walk down the aisle of St Teresa's Church in Kowloon today, then celebrate in the ballroom of the Sheraton hotel.

'At first I didn't even like him,' Jocelyn said. 'Rumours involving him were always about some girl he'd just hit it off with. He was probably the last person I'd ever think of going out with [back then].'

Also, she had always wanted an arty type as a life partner, whereas K.C. was studying economics and wanted to be a banker.

As it turned out, K.C. was the most arty guy Jocelyn had ever met, and he also turned out to be her Mr Right.

Although they had been friends since 2002, the couple didn't warm to each other until they were back working in Hong Kong. By 2008, Jocelyn was working at Citibank and K.C. was with Barclays Capital. Their offices were in the same building so they sometimes met up for lunch.

'I felt very comfortable talking to him, probably because we'd been friends for so long,' Jocelyn said. 'I found her to be a very kind and warm-hearted person,' he said.

In 2009, just before Valentine's Day, the pair went for a karaoke night out with mutual friends. Although they were in the same room, K.C. sent Jocelyn a text message, inviting her to dinner.

'I got so [excited] and texted all my girlfriends that K.C. had just asked me out on a date, but I accidentally sent the text back to K.C. as well. It was so embarrassing,' Jocelyn recalled.

Nevertheless, their first date was magical and they started seeing each other casually. A few months later, on Jocelyn's birthday, they started dating seriously. 'As we got to know each other better, I realised that he was actually quite different from the person I thought he was in college,' Jocelyn said.

Not long after they started dating, K.C. made the decision to quit banking and start his own wedding photography business. Jocelyn was impressed by the bold move.

'His perseverance, passion for photography, optimism and can-do attitude really impressed me, and I admire him for how he managed to turn his passion into a career.'

In September 2010, Jocelyn quit her job at Citibank, feeling it was time to move on. On the day she quit, K.C. proposed. 'That day we made plans to have dinner with my parents, and K.C. said he had some errands to run in the afternoon,' Jocelyn said.

Later, he showed up at her apartment and presented her with a box. When she looked inside the box, she frowned upon seeing that there was nothing inside. 'As strange as it may seem, I put the box away and thanked him for the 'cute' gift.'

Then K.C. reached into his pocket for another box, and this time Jocelyn opened it to find a diamond ring inside.