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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 15 February, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 15 February, 2012, 12:00am


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Show your thanks on your birthday

On your birthday, you may go out and celebrate with your parents and your friends, and they will give presents and cards to you. It's your special day.

However, besides receiving others' love and gifts, have you thought of sending your love and thanks to your parents?

We should do this because our parents spend lots of time and money on us and go out of their way to help us. It would be fun, too, if you have never done this before; they will not expect it on your birthday. They will be surprised and touched.

So remember, thank your parents and give them a hug!

Ada Chan, Tsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College

Mobile operators don't play fair

The government has introduced new guidelines for the so-called 'unlimited' data plans offered by mobile network providers. As a result, some operators like China Mobile and Smartone dropped their unlimited data plans to prevent being regulated by the guidelines.

I have a different view of the data provided by Smartone to support their decision to change service plans. First, they claim they are modifying their service plan to protect the rights of 85 per cent of customers who use less than 2GB of data traffic every month. But actually, those users would not benefit from the new plan. In fact, it is the operator's duty to provide sufficient bandwidth.

Also, every month 15 per cent of people use more than 2GB, according to official data, but it is not necessarily the same 15 per cent every month.

The user's right is to get a service by paying an appropriate amount of money. But after Smartone's action, users are required to pay the same fee for a service of lower quality. Or users would need to pay extra money for the same level of service. As a result, users' rights are reduced. I think the operators' actions are unreasonable.

Wai Kin-long, The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

'Animal doctors' can really help

There is a special programme to help or treat hospital patients in which the 'doctors' are all animals, mainly dogs.

Doctor Pet is a charity in Hong Kong which offers this 'animal doctor' service to patients. The animals are highly trained, and friendly. Many patients face a lot of stress, and 'animal doctors' relieve their pressure and make them happy.

They act like social workers. They visit schools, hospitals, nursing homes and orphanages. Their warmth and concern can really help people.

Lily Lee, Pooi To Middle School

Reading is the key to good writing

To many Hong Kong students, writing may be no more than a weekend assignment, or worse, an instrument of torture. However, to me, it's pure enjoyment. Maybe this is because I like to make good use of my creativity. But crafting a fine piece of writing or telling a good story isn't as easy as you think.

First of all, you must do some reading. Reading exposes you to good grammar, various types of sentence structure, a rich vocabulary and so on.

Appreciating other writers' stories is very important - it's your first footprint in your 'writing adventure'.

Emma, written by Jane Austen, inspired me most. Emma, the story's main character, has a strong personality, but she is self-centred and sometimes a bit too aggressive.

Besides reading, travelling is crucial, too. When you travel, your vision is broadened and your writing is enriched. And a sense of humour is also a must-have. Only when you develop your own style of writing will your story be unique and appealing.

Rachel Cheng, CCC Kei Yuen College

Offer your seat to those in need

Some Hong Kong people are very kind. If you have lost your way, they will help you out.

But on the LRT, many people read newspapers or use their mobile phones. They don't even look at others. Those who have seats won't give them to elderly people. They are selfish.

When I am on the LRT, I will offer my seat to the elderly. I hope all Hong Kong people can become more kind-hearted.

Leung Wai-sum