Precious gemstones offer a burst of intense colour

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 16 February, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 16 February, 2012, 12:00am


Heralding the arrival of spring, the latest jewellery creations by several exhibitors at the HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show display a burst of intense and rich colour emanating from precious gemstones.

Vicky Chan, director of sales and marketing of ENZO Jewelry, says the brand's new collections feature vibrant combinations of gemstones in multiple colours, fashioned into contemporary designs emphasising simplicity. 'Our latest collections embrace the 'daily wearable' concept,' Chan says. 'These are highly versatile designs that perfectly accessorise everyday work outfits. For a less formal social function, the wearer can mix in some additional pieces.'

Gemstones are the centre of attention in ENZO's collections and their exuberance is expressed in deeper shades and more saturated tones this year. 'For instance, we use amethyst and citrine in darker tones instead of the light ones,' she says. 'Because the ENZO brand focuses on the market in the mainland, our collections feature a lot of gemstones in red and green, which are highly appealing in the market. Another upcoming trend is gemstones in pastel colours.'

In step with the trend for three-dimensional designs, IAD Jewellery will unveil innovative 3D designs, accentuated with intricate styling and fluid lines, says Ivy Li, senior wholesale manager of the company. 'Our new designs highlight refined craftsmanship, which is increasingly appreciated by discerning consumers.'

A focal point of IAD's latest collections is its dazzling parades of alluring coloured stones, including aquamarine, blue topaz and citrine, although the company has specialised in diamond jewellery in multi-coloured gold combinations. 'More consumers in the mainland fancy jewellery featuring multicoloured gemstones,' Li adds.

Associated with the imperial court for hundreds of years, jadeite carries a cachet among Chinese. The precious gemstone has enjoyed a surge in popularity because jewellery designers have developed more contemporary styles targeting the younger set. Director of Be'vish Jewellery Joanna Hui says the company unveils designs with the highly translucent 'glassy' type of carved jadeite pieces in the refreshing colours of light lavender, green and white. A cutting-edge look is achieved as the jadeite pieces are enhanced in settings of multi-coloured and black gold.

At Osatina Jewellery, designer Anita So breathes life into jadeite designs by using jadeite pieces cut into wafer-thin slices, adorned with hand-carved, cut-out details. Her customised jadeite pieces are light in weight and their palette enriched with coloured gemstones, South Sea pearls and enamelled details.

'These lightweight unconventional jadeite designs are relatively more affordable,' So adds. 'They target office ladies between 30 and 40 years old.'

Aside from its contemporary interpretation of jadeite designs, Osatina emphasises the finesse of exquisite workmanship.

'Nowadays, luxury is expressed in the intricate details and fine craftsmanship, such as micro-setting used for pave-set gemstones,' So adds.

Given the escalating gold price, Be'vish has diversified into design-oriented silver jewellery available at more competitive prices.

The contemporary designs are spiced up further with gemstones in tantalising colours, including sapphires, rubies and jadeite.

Many of the pieces feature the intricate pave-setting with small gemstones.

'The concept behind these designs is that they can be worn as fashion accessories,' Hui says.