ENTER the unknown

PUBLISHED : Friday, 17 February, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 17 February, 2012, 12:00am


The Year of the Dragon represents a year full of might and energy. According to fung shui master Ricky Song Shao-guang, 2012 is the first year in a 60-year cycle, and the dragon will emerge flying and leaping, and so will be as volatile and unpredictable as you might expect.

The first half of the year will be unfavourable to the sectors belonging to the earth and wood elements, Song says. This suggests that the real estate and construction industries will face headwinds. The situation will improve in the second half as the Year of the Snake approaches.

However, given that investors continue to strive to do better, there are still plenty of opportunities ahead. 'Positioning, from the perspective of Chinese fung shui, is critical. 'Auspicious stars' will fly in from the two directions of east and west in this Year of the Dragon,' Song says. 'Applying this to Hong Kong Island, for example, it is forecast that Shau Kei Wan and North Point to the east and Sai Wan to the west will be where prosperity lies.'

With the global economy resembling an erratic dragon, Song advises people to save for a rainy day and hold out for the best opportunity.

Meanwhile, brokerage firm CLSA's annual Fung Shui Index predicts the stock and property markets will be lacklustre in the first half. Yet, as the dragon begins to dance in the second half, the months from August to November are seen as especially auspicious to the stock and property markets. The report suggests that we should not be that pessimistic about the sectors belonging to the earth element.

Nicole Wong, head of real estate research at CLSA, says: 'We are most optimistic about sectors belonging to the water and earth elements.' CLSA also expects east and west to be the best directions for investment, according to the astrological chart.

Selected CLSA fung shui property predictions

West (great) Aberdeen, Bel Air, Gold Coast

Central (great) Happy Valley, Tai Hang, Kai Tak

East (good) Siu San Wan, Kornhill, Sai Kung

South (good) Repulse Bay, Lamma Island

Northeast (good) Taikoo Shing, Sai Wan Ho, Wu Kai Sha

North (bumpy) Braemar Hill, North Point, Tai Po

Northwest (bumpy) Mid-levels, Western District, Tin Shui Wai