Regulations needed to curb the misery caused by noise of barking dogs

PUBLISHED : Monday, 20 February, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 20 February, 2012, 12:00am


I have seen many letters in these columns about the [Bowen Road] dog poisoner.

As a dog owner myself and keen conservationist, I would never condone such a thing. However, I really do feel strongly that something needs to be done to keep dog owners on a tighter leash and be more responsible for the disturbance they cause to others.

The police have told me that they are regularly called to dog noise disturbance cases. It is a waste of time for everyone concerned, especially as they cannot do anything, and it appears that there is no recourse.

I bring this up as I have recently moved house, more into the countryside so we could live a quieter life.

This now appears to be out of the question. The person above us, with eight dogs, uses an industrial cleaner three times a day, every day.

The person opposite us has two dogs which bark all the time, and the person whose garden we overlook also has two large dogs. That is a large number of dogs in four flats next to each other, which is not necessarily a problem unless the owners are irresponsible or don't care. But therein lies the problem, as some of the dogs are not trained, and they bark continuously.

Also, when we walk to the end of our road, the lane next to a school is so covered with dog faeces that it is difficult to walk along. As we venture further into the countryside on our walks, we often have to pick our little dog up to save it from the other dogs. Our friend's schnauzer's belly was ripped open just last year. But, I am told there is absolutely nothing that can be done about any of this. Police can do nothing (there is no crime), and the building management also say they are powerless, as it does not count as noise disturbance. Funny though that other residents were recently told off over noisy roof parties. The sense of frustration is awful.

Should we move to a draconian law of no pets - or at least no dogs - in housing estates? With the current situation, I would be tempted to vote yes. Clearly what is needed are some better rules which can be enforced to ensure more responsible pet ownership, and holding owners to account. I cannot imagine what others feel who do not like dogs to start with. Perhaps this is why they want to take it out on the poor animals, and not the beastly owners.

R. Ferguson, Sai Kung