Three rules teachers should follow

PUBLISHED : Monday, 20 February, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 20 February, 2012, 12:00am


School rules should not be set only for students. I would like to suggest three rules teachers should abide by.

First, teachers should be fair to every student. If two students make the same mistake, they should receive the same punishment, regardless of their academic results or conduct.

Second, teachers should not turn a blind eye to students who are naughty in class. For example, if some students throw paper around during a lesson, it will disrupt order in the classroom. Such poor behaviour will also distract the students who are listening to the teacher.

Third, teachers should not give 'tips' to their students before an exam. This will be unfair to students in other classes. It is also unethical and against the standards of professional conduct.

Teachers need to abide by these rules to be worthy of our respect.

Rainie Chou Sze-ching, King Ling College

From the Editor

Thanks for your letter, Rainie. Teachers are expected to set examples for young people at a crucial time in their lives.

Most teachers will do their best to live up to that responsibility. But because they are human, they teach us valuable lessons in life that they don't always mean to teach us.

One of those is that life is not fair. People do get advantages. Evil is not always punished. These lessons are as valuable as the ones you get tested on, because you will be tested on them many times in your life.

Susan, editor