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PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 21 February, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 21 February, 2012, 12:00am


You may be wondering what the difference is between eliche and fusilli. A search on the internet shows the terms are synonyms for 'propellers', or spiral-shaped short-cut pasta.

The spiral shape is ideal for pasta as it catches and holds sauces well. The following recipe has been provided by Charlie Brown Cafe in Tsim Sha Tsui.

The pasta, which is made with flour, eggs and salt, gets its three colours naturally - red from tomatoes, green from spinach, while the yellow comes from the egg yolks.

'Adding a wide variety of vegetables to eliche pasta, tricolori enhances its flavour and texture,' says Ivy Ng, president of Hong Kong Nutrition Association and a registered dietitian.

'Vegetables and mushrooms are low in calories. You can enjoy them without any worries.'

Stir-fried tri-coloured eliche pasta with vegetables and pesto sauce

Serves 2

200 grams tri-coloured eliche pasta

1 piece Chinese bean, cut into short strips

4 pieces baby carrot

3 pieces baby corn, diced

?piece zucchini, diced

3 pieces white mushroom, sliced

2 tsp olive oil

4 tsp garlic, minced

4 tsp onion, diced

?tsp salt

1 tsp coarse black pepper

For the pesto sauce

10 grams pine nuts

10 grams basil

1 clove garlic

2 tsp olive oil

To make the pesto sauce, blend the pine nuts, basil and garlic in a food processor, then combine with olive oil.

Cook pasta in boiling water for five minutes, drain and set aside.

Cook all vegetables in water, set aside.

Heat oil in a frying pan. Saut?garlic, onion and pasta.

Add vegetables, pesto sauce and seasoning, stir-fry for about five minutes. Serve.

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