Teen sent to centre 'until rehabilitated' over theft

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 21 February, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 21 February, 2012, 12:00am


A 16-year-old Form Four student was sentenced to a non-specified period in a rehabilitation centre for stealing more than 67,000 yuan (HK$82,170) from a friend's house.

The girl, who had earlier pleaded guilty before the Fanling Court to one count of burglary, went into her friend's flat in Flora Plaza, Fanling, where she also lived, and stole the cash while her friend's family was away on a holiday.

She had previously stolen a key to the flat from her friend.

In passing sentence, Deputy Magistrate David Chum Yau-fong said the girl's probation reports and her parents agreed she needed some residential training 'to strengthen your discipline and to change your attitude and lifestyle'.

'You should learn from your mistake and turn over a new leaf,' Chum told her.

The girl must stay in the centre until she is considered rehabilitated.

The court also ordered the girl to repay HK$8,880 - equivalent to 7,200 yuan - to the victim's family, which was the amount owed after 60,000 yuan was recovered in her bedroom.

The girl told police she had changed the money and used it for entertainment and karaoke.

The theft took place in August of last year and the loss was discovered by the friend's mother, who lodged a report in September when she discovered the money was missing.

Chum warned the girl that if she failed to fulfil supervision requirements when she left the rehabilitation centre she would be subject to a further sentence.


The amount, in Hong Kong dollars, the defendant must pay back to her friend's family. She stole the cash while they were away on holiday