Chelsea cupcakes

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 21 February, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 21 February, 2012, 12:00am


Let's take a walk along the trendy King's Road in Chelsea, in London, and call in at a cupcake shop for a delicious bite to eat. As we are eating our favourite cupcake, we can look at the other great shops along the coolest street in the British capital. What's not to enjoy?

1 In the 1960s, London's King's Road was where ...

a. cupcakes were invented.

b. a worldwide fashion trend began.

c. punk rock music began.

2 Today, King's Road, Chelsea, ...

a. is no longer a popular place to visit.

b. is a street where only very rich people shop.

c. is still a fashionable and cool street where young, trendy Londoners shop and eat.

3 When did King's Cupcakes open for business?

a. four weeks ago

b. last year

c. early this month

4 Is it successful?

a. the shop is just establishing itself

b. it is too soon to tell

c. they have already built up a good customer base

5 What is the unique selling point of King's Cupcakes?

a. the cakes are baked on the premises

b. their product is cheap

c. other shops don't sell the same flavours of cupcakes

6 Which cupcake is the shop's best-seller at the moment?

a. b.c.

7 Who owns Chelsea Cupcakes?

a. a large bakery

b. the person speaking

c. a rival shop along King's Road

8 What is Chelsea Cupcakes' claim to fame?

a. it is the most recent cupcake shop to open in Chelsea

b. it is the most expensive

c. it was the first cupcake shop to open in the area

9 What happened to the shop's business when other cupcake shops opened?

a. sales dropped considerably

b. sales fell initially but have recovered recently

c. sales increased

10 What is the secret of the popularity of Chelsea Cupcakes?

a. the plain and simple recipe of the cake itself

b. the vast variety of toppings

c. the different flavours in the sponge cake

11 From where do you get the burst of flavour when you bite into a Chelsea Cupcake?

a. from the sponge cake

b. from the topping

c. from the wrapping

12 Who opened Cute Cupcakes?

a. two former pastry chefs

b. two siblings

c. two designers

13 When did the shop open?

a. 13 months ago

b. exactly one year ago

c. last month

14 What is the most popular item?

a. specially designed cupcakes

b. everyday cupcakes

c. the shop doesn't sell any item that is more popular than another

15 What restricts the choice of flavours that go into the sponge base?

a. nothing - the customer can have what he wants.

b. if the flavour is available

c. the flavour must be sweet

16 Which is this week's special cupcake?



1. b, 2. c, 3. a, 4. c, 5. a, 6. c, 7. b, 8. c, 9. c, 10. a, 11. b, 12. b, 13. a, 14. a, 15. a, 16. b