A blue city and a fake lava flow

PUBLISHED : Friday, 24 February, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 24 February, 2012, 12:00am


This week's top 10 album downloads on iTunes

1 Some Nights, Fun

2 21, Adele

3 Whitney - The Greatest Hits, Whitney Houston

4 Reign of Terror, Sleigh Bells

5 19, Adele

6 Making Mirrors, Gotye

7 Barton Hollow, The Civil Wars

8 Act of Valor, Various Artists

9 1, The Beatles

10 Mylo Xyloto, Coldplay


Top photo

Is that lava flowing in that waterfall? Actually, it's just water. For two weeks every year, photographers flock to Yosemite National Park in California, US, to take pictures of the park's seasonal Horsetail Fall.

This picture was taken at sunset and the fiery effect in it was created by the sun's rays. They reflected back from the granite behind the water, creating the impression of molten lava.

For the optical illusion to work, there needs to be several weather conditions in place. The sky has to be clear after a period of rain that sends water cascading down the hillside. The waterfall lights up around dusk and lasts for only about two minutes.

Top search

The Composites

Some literary characters have translated well to the silver screen; others haven't. Despair not: a new website shows you what many of them should really look like in real life. (Often it's not a pretty picture.)

The Composites is a blog run by writer and media artist Brian Joseph Davis. He recreates characters based on their descriptions in novels using composite sketch software. That's a program law enforcement officials use to provide sketches of suspects.

Literary heroes and heroines from classic novels, such as Jane Eyre and The Great Gatsby, all come to life.

Get ready for some surprises.


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Jill the beagle stuffs four tennis balls at once into her mouth. We say: Wow!

The search is on for the dog that can fit the most tennis balls in its mouth at one time. Jill makes a good start.


Daredevil tests world's largest rope swing

Devin Graham took the idea of a rope swing and turned it into something extreme. He set one on top of a giant rock arch and jumped off with a 45m rope attached to his body. Hip hop beats provide mood music.


So much for some popular animal trivia

The hilarious rundown helps expose several misconceptions we have about some common animals.


In other news ...

Kolkata's chief minister Mamata Banerjee has taken the government's new motto for the country - 'The sky is the limit' - literally. So she has ordered the entire city to be painted sky-blue.

Banerjee wants everything in India's second largest city, from government buildings to taxis and historic landmarks, to be painted in that colour. Private buildings will also have to be painted blue, too - at their owners' own expense. Banerjee hopes to unite the city of 14 million in national pride.

But Kolkata isn't the first Indian city to be painted in one colour. In 2006, the crime-infested city of Aurangabad was painted pink in an attempt to uplift the city's sagging morale and spirit.