Personal touch works

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 01 March, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 01 March, 2012, 12:00am


For many, the most anticipated moment of a wedding is seeing the bride in her wedding gown. It's a day in the bride's life when she gets to dress like a princess.

With endless choices in bridal gowns, wedding specialists Elmis Chiu and Brenda Ng advise how to choose the right wedding dress. 'To feel confident and beautiful on your big day, choose a style of dress that reflects your own personal tastes and individuality,' says Chiu, director at White Bridal Couture (

'The style of your dress should suit the theme, venue and style of your wedding so that you feel comfortable wearing it for the whole day.' Some designs look gorgeous on the runway or in a magazine, but they are not easy to wear all day long, she explains.

Many brides are now covering up with sheer and lace sleeves. Coloured gowns in nude, blush, red and even black have been making an appearance on the runway in the past two seasons, Chiu says. 'For years, coloured sashes and ribbons have tempted designers and brides. But this year, we expect to see a lot more solid-coloured dresses down the aisle.'

According to Chiu, out-of-date details are symmetrical satin ribbons and bows around the waist area. 'While bows remain a key element of a wedding gown, they should be sheer, light, free form and stylish,' she says.

Brides should avoid double-faced satin gowns with elaborate beading and embellishments. 'It looks too heavy,' Chiu says. 'We prefer layers of ruffles, clusters of flowers and shirred raw layers of organza for the dramatic look.'

Chiu suggests a silhouette or style that flatters the body, instead of focusing on hiding parts the bride isn't comfortable with.

'Sometimes, the more you hide, the more it'll show. Showing off your best parts, like delicate arms, sexy collarbones or a tiny waist, will make you look and feel confident and beautiful.'

Another tip is to avoid shopping for your dress too early. Chiu says visiting too many stores and trying on too many dresses may overwhelm the bride.

'The exercise could become very tiring and frustrating, and you'll start to lose faith in the shopping experience.'

Director of The Wedding Shop (, Ng says many times the bride-to-be fails to consider the groom-to-be in choosing her dress.

'The fianc? should be a consideration. If the fianc? is mature, then she should choose a dress that ages her a bit,' Ng explains.

'But if the fianc? has a baby face, she should get a younger dress to match.'

The most important advice Chiu offers is every bride needs to ask herself if she loves the gown.