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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 07 March, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 07 March, 2012, 12:00am


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On chief executive candidate Henry Tang being told he must make himself more popular if he is to win:

Patrick Shu Wing-lee - Apart from being more popular, the chief executive candidate must prove to be capable to govern and lead as well as having integrity so that he is trusted by the people of Hong Kong.

Charles Henning - How can he possibly be more popular after shooting himself in the foot so many times? Oh wait ... popular with the actual people involved in the election and not with the public ... I get it.

The proportion of young underweight HK women nearly doubled over the past 15 years:

Miriam Basco - So this means the proportion of anorexic young HK woman also doubled. Sad.

Christopher Mel - Hongkongers actually think that being so thin is supposed to be hot. Really weird thinking. These 40 per cent should take shelter when typhoon signal No 3 is raised or they might be blown out to sea. Very sad indeed.

he worrying rise of China's state capitalism:

Chu Fu-min - I am a firm believer in free markets and efficient enterprises, but it is not so bad to have some state-owned enterprises providing safety net employment. In fact, I would rather have these enterprises providing a safety net through employment than state-run welfare programmes providing a safety net through handing out cash for doing nothing!

Up to 300 property agencies shut down last year:

Bob Howe - Prices are astronomically high in Hong Kong making it almost impossible for the young to purchase a home. Or is that the intention of the government, to turn HK into a welfare state with everyone but the extremely rich living in government-subsidised housing?