PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 13 March, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 13 March, 2012, 12:00am

Can wealthy people ever be happy?

Smiling is a basic action that people do every day. It can represent our level of happiness. Unfortunately, it seems that the richer people are, the more cheerless they become. Some people are not satisfied with their lives in spite of their better standard of living compared to many other people. As a result, they rarely smile but often complain.

Is it hard to smile? I don't think so. Surveys have shown that smiling benefits your health. But many people do not think about this. They just care about how much they earn and how much they need to spend. Forbes publishes an annual list of the wealthiest people in the world. At the same time, the poor have a growing animosity towards the rich. Eventually, no one will be smiling.

Does no one remember that smiling is an important thing to do?

Winson Lo, Tsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College

Life is not an online popularity contest

Are you busy checking your Facebook every day to see if anyone has commented on your status? Do you have a feeling that your friends' lives are better than yours when browsing their 'best vacation ever' photo albums? If you feel this way, you may be a victim of what is known as Facebook Depression.

Facebook is like a big popularity contest - the ones who can get the most friend requests and the most 'likes' are the winners. When you see your friends being in relationships, their smiling profile pictures and happy status updates, such 'joyous' digital lives make you feel excluded. You feel like a loser. You may start posting photos to attract more 'likes' and chasing a long friend list to make you look popular. These are the distorted values that are starting to take root in our minds.

Is what you see on Facebook the real picture of our everyday lives? Are those hundreds of friends on Facebook your real friends? In fact, while our social network online seems to grow larger and larger, our relationships just get weaker and weaker. When your friend gets sick, you may simply message him 'get well soon' - but no more than that! When he is feeling down, you may give him a 'like' - but that is all! Can this so-called 'care' replace real face-to-face love? Can lifeless computer messages give you the most heartfelt blessings?

Do spare a moment to re-evaluate your 'investment' in Facebook. Facebook shouldn't take the place of real life. It is time for you to take charge of your own online commitment and draw the right line. Most important of all, do get out of the depression zone.

Samantha Wong Pui-ching, Hong Kong Chinese Women's Club College

Why can't we get along with others?

There is some resentment and prejudice towards mainland visitors and foreign domestic helpers. Some people think that residents of Hong Kong and the mainland are totally opposed in terms of social values and habits.

Hong Kong is a small place with limited resources, and it is difficult to meet the needs of the 1.3 billion mainlanders. However, what are the real problems?

In fact, there are many differences between Hong Kong and mainland culture. We have our thinking. And they have their own mindset, too. But why can't we accept others? Is it only mainland people who eat on trains or buses? Is it only mainland people who shout in the shop? No! You can always see locals doing this. Maybe there are more Hong Kong people eating in train carriages.

I hope that we can learn to accept others, and I hope this happens soon.

Chan Wai-yan

Too many teenagers have bad habit

Nowadays, many teenagers smoke. Some of them started at an early age. Many do it because they think it looks cool and shows that they are grown-up, but in fact smoking damages our health. It hurts our lungs. It causes high blood pressure. It makes our teeth and nails turn yellow. It leads to cancer.

Teenagers who smoke can't do well at school. They cannot compete in sports because smoking has seriously damaged their health.

If people smoke it doesn't make them look cool or attractive. It just shortens their lives. Cigarettes contain large amounts of harmful chemicals, and the fact is they are a dangerous drug that can seriously harm people.

Hingis Chan, Victoria Shanghai Academy