PET friendly

PUBLISHED : Friday, 16 March, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 16 March, 2012, 12:00am


Good news for cat and dog lovers: new domestic appliances are designed to make busy lives easier by taking care of pet hair and odour, so humans and their animal companions can enjoy a healthy, clean environment.

For years, European appliance manufacturers have been making an effort to develop new products that are friendly and easy to use for pet-owning families. These include vacuum cleaners that can deal with the hair and odour of cats and dogs at one go. German appliance maker Miele's latest S6320 Cat & Dog vacuum cleaner has a turbo brush and an Active Air Clean filter.

'The turbo brush floor head of the Cat & Dog model is specially designed to collect pet fluff and hairs efficiently, even when they are stuck to the surface of leather sofas,' says Miele's assistant manager, Kidd Leung.

'The soft plastic bumper strip surrounding the floor head protects your furniture from scratches and marks. The Cat & Dog model can also take care of pet smells. The air becomes dust- and odour-free as it passes through 12 filtering mechanisms.'

Apart from vacuum cleaners, air purifiers can also help owners and their pets relax with clean air at home. But OSIM's uVenus is more than just an air purifier. It gives cleaner air, soothing light and therapeutic music. It also takes away odour, germs and dust particles, keeping the home environment a safe haven for humans and pets. Its mood light and music programmes are an added benefit for pets by creating a soothing ambience and protecting them from light and noise pollution.

Other pet-owner-friendly appliances include Beko's washer, which eliminates pet hairs on clothes, and Dyson's Air Multiplier, which draws in and amplifies surrounding air without fast-spinning blades that could pose a threat to animals.

Retailed at K11, Sogo department store and Little Whale, there is a range of hassle-free domestic appliances designed to give humans and their pets a home sweet home.