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Do like the dove, now like the cow

PUBLISHED : Friday, 16 March, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 16 March, 2012, 12:00am


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It looks like Ryan Gosling will be starring in a movie about the life of Disney's iconic founder, Walt Disney.

There is even a new poster out about the movie. Or not.

The fake poster is the work of French graphic artist Pascal Witaszek, who created it as part of his biopic series. It also includes a poster showing Olivia Wilde as the star of a biopic about Elizabeth Taylor.

With its authentic look and attention to detail, the Disney poster has fooled many people.

Witaszek's selection of Ron Howard as the director and Gosling as the lead actor has sparked much discussion about whether they would be the ideal choices if a movie about Walt was ever made.

Who knows? Some studio executives might even take notice.

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Thanks to the popularity of the pinboard photo-sharing site Pinterest and the photo-taking phone app Instagram, it was only a matter of time before someone figured out they belonged together.

Italian web developer Gennaro Varriale has now given us Pingram.

The site makes it easy to share Instagram photos by allowing users to peruse photos on their Instagram feed as if through a pinboard like Pinterest.

You can 'pin' any photos you want to share to your Pinterest profile. If you're not a Pingram user and your Instagram photo gets pinned on Pingram, the photo will show up as a thumbnail.

The mashup is worth a look.


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This Toys 'R' Us ad rocks. It features Imperial fighter planes from the Star Wars films landing in the city of Copenhagen as citizens go about their business.


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Three is a crowd for this penguin at a zoo. To secure his place with a female on the rock, the feisty fellow pushes a rival over the edge into the water below.


Call of the wild

That's some skill right there. Mel can not only imitate the sounds various animals make but she can do so in quick succession without missing a beat. She even does a double take on goose calls.


In other news ...

Remember those cool Apple commercials when they announced the new Siri feature for iPhone 4S?

They showed a virtual personal assistant sending your messages, giving you directions, and telling you the weather - all at simple sound prompts from you.

It was so cool but only in theory, as many costumers have realised.

One disgruntled iPhone user was so unhappy with the feature he's suing Apple. The man has filed a lawsuit in a California court accusing the company of deceiving costumers with false advertising.

He insists that Siri's actual performance doesn't even come close to what the commercials made it out to be.