PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 27 March, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 27 March, 2012, 12:00am


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Finding courage on a basketball court

I have learned something from playing basketball - that courage is the most remarkable thing on the court.

When I was a Form One student, I had my third basketball game. I was nervous and scared since we were playing afamous school, Heep Yunn. I did my best to tell myself not to be afraid, but they were so strong. My team lost and there was a huge gap between our scores - with about 25 points lost by me, and all because of a lack of confidence which made me stop suddenly when faced by the oncoming team.

After the game, my coach gave me a serious telling-off. And while I was being told off, my teammates pretended nothing was happening instead of supporting me.

But you have to put all that aside otherwise there will be no team cooperation. Basketball has made me more forgiving - and more courageous.

Yannie Ng, Tak Oi Secondary School

Sexism in the city, let's put a stop to it

Women from low-income groups, both locals and newcomers from the mainland, are vulnerable in Hong Kong. They desperately need help because of heavy family and financial burdens, often coping alone as single parents or living in fear of being refused right of abode.

Hong Kong is a caring society. We should strive to cater to the needs of people from all walks of life, especially the needs of women. I believe the new Chief Executive should pledge to address gender inequality.

Some people may complain that low-income women are a burden on us, but if they have suitable training and opportunities, they will become the momentum to thrust our society forward.

Thomas Chan, SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School

The world at your fingertips

Can you learn anything about the world without news? Of course not! Newspapers give us a lot of information about other countries, plus we can find out about trends, and read amusing reports on new research. Recently, for example, I read an article about a study that found apples are more harmful for your teeth than fizzy drinks.

Newspapers also give us the chance to learn from other people's mistakes; and, if you read a paper every day, you can impress people with your knowledge.

However, the reader should be careful to read many different newspapers to get the most balanced view of events.

Stephen Li Ka-hei

Gossip will not protect children

After three primary students were approached by a man who said he wanted to invite them to tea, the internet was filled with rumours of similar alleged abduction attempts. But these chats should focus less on spreading rumours and instead talk about how to protect children.

The rumours appear to be fuelled by fears that the new scheme allowing more mainland drivers into Hong Kong will lead to more child abductions, which are all too common on the mainland.

There has been no evidence yet that kidnappers have moved into Hong Kong, so the public should put children's safety ahead of guessing who the criminals are. There should be more frequent police patrols near schools and no student should be allowed to leave with anyone whose identity has not been checked.

Both schools and parents should also always emphasise to children to stay away from strangers.

Eugena Cheung

School without boys is a sadder place

After studying in a girls' school for a few years, I am left wondering whether life in a co-ed school would not be more enjoyable.

Some may think that a girls'-only school helps pupils concentrate more on their studies, as they don't have the chance to go out with boys. But this creates quite a big issue: the girls may not know how to get along with boys when they go to university or work.

Also, boys can be much more fun and think differently to us - by not studying with them, we miss out on their input and their silliness.

In a girls' school, at least we don't have to worry about boys seeing us when we do something embarrassing, but I still think co-ed schools enhance our all-round development.

Eunice Ma Wai-wah, Pooi To Middle School