On the job - just in case

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 28 March, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 28 March, 2012, 12:00am


'There's no business like show business but there are several businesses like accounting'

David Letterman - American chat show host

Business class

What is ... ?

1 e-business

a. arrangements made over the phone

b. buying and selling goods on the internet

2 a business card

a. a small card with a person's name and job title on it

b. a company credit card

3 show business

a. the entertainment industry

b. the manufacture of televisions

4 funny business

a. dishonest behaviour designed to trick someone

b. a series of books that make you laugh

5 monkey business

a. silly, irresponsible behaviour

b. an animated movie with monkey characters

In business

What do these useful verb phrases mean?

1 to mean business

a. to set up a new company

b. to be very serious about something

2 to be back in business

a. to be operating as usual after a break

b. to start a new job

3 to get down to business

a. to begin doing something important

b. to leave home and head to work

4 to go about your business

a. to teach someone new skills

b. to continue doing what you usually do

5 to mind your own business

a. to ask someone a lot of questions about their job

b. to stop meddling in other people's affairs

I mean business

Complete these sentences with the correct words

1 We don't have a shop or any outlet. All our trade is done through (monkey business/ e-business).

2 Will you stop all your (show business / monkey business) and get on with the job you are paid to do.

3 Our new boss is a tough character. He's showing us all that he certainly (is in business / means business).

4 Please (go about your business/mean business) and stop interfering with what I'm doing. Thank you!

5 There is some (show business/ funny business) happening at work and I intend to find out what's going on.

None of your business!

What has someone said to you if they say .... ?

1 It's none of your business

a. Stop bossing me around.

b. What I am doing is no concern of yours.

2 You had no business doing that

a. You did not finish the task on time.

b. You should not have done that because it had nothing to do with you.

3 You've got a good business head on your shoulders

a. You are very good at doing business.

b. A career in business is not for you, I'm afraid.

4 We've got unfinished business

a. This project isn't complete.

b. We've got problems that still need to be dealt with.

5 It's business as usual

a. We must carry on despite the problems we are having.

b. Our company has made a loss.

Finish what you are saying

Add a second phrase from the previous exercise to complete these statements

1 Yesterday we had terrible problems with our computer system, but today _______________

2 Stop asking me questions about my private life. _______________

3 I think you will do well in your new role with the company. _______________

4 You should not have given Peggy time off work to go to the dentist's. _______________

5 You left yesterday in the middle of my apology. _______________


What is ... ?: 1. b, 2. a, 3. a, 4. a, 5. a

In business: 1. b, 2. a, 3. a, 4. b, 5. b

I mean business: 1. e-business, 2. monkey business, 3. means business, 4. go about your business, 5. funny business

None of your business: 1. b, 2. b, 3. a, 4. b, 5. a

Finish what you are saying: 1. 5, 2. 1, 3. 3, 4. 2, 5. 4