Key to good night's sleep

PUBLISHED : Friday, 30 March, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 30 March, 2012, 12:00am


Many people do not know how to dress beds properly. The key to a blissful night's sleep is a bed that is made correctly.

Start with a mattress protector. This serves an important dual purpose, protecting the mattress from dust and providing an extra layer of insulation.

Add a bed topper. This will add to the sleeping experience as it provides another layer of lofty cushioning on top of the mattress.

Next add the bottom sheet. These are easiest if they are fitted, as you don't have to worry about neatly folding corners and the elastic will hug the mattress so that it won't slide off.

Depending on the weave and usage, a fitted sheet can see wear patterns develop in the fabric after just three years. To maximise the life of fitted sheets, ensure you rotate the position of the sheet to evenly distribute movement of the body over the surface.

The top sheet should be placed so that there is ample length for the top of it to be folded over the quilt. Choose a quilt that is designed for year-round comfort.

For those that have a boxed construction, create individual pockets that stop the filling from moving around during the night, providing effective warmth and comfort. Fluff the quilt each morning to keep it looking its best.

Finally, a well-chosen throw adds another layer and depth. Choose a cotton throw for summer and a thicker, woollen one for winter.

Aim for at least four pillows, preferably five or even seven. These complete the look of a well-dressed bed. To emulate the style of the great luxury hotel rooms around the world, firstly lay a pair of European (square) pillows side by side against the bed head. Next, place one or two pairs of standard or king pillows, side by side, in front of your European pillows.

Finally, add a smaller decorative cushion.

Changing bed linen and accessories is a great way to update your bedroom seasonally. Beautiful bed linen in your favourite colours will keep your bedroom looking fresh and add a personal touch.

Always size up when buying sheets.

If you sleep on a queen-size bed, buy king-size sheets. That way, you will always have enough sheet to cover you and it won't be pulled away by your partner. For a more luxurious feel, opt for higher thread-count sheets. Sheets that are about 300 thread count should provide ample comfort, but if you are looking for that weighty, crisp hotel feel, try 1,000.