Ma On Shan

Reclamation project will destroy last natural beach in Sha Tin district

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 05 April, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 05 April, 2012, 12:00am


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The government plans to reclaim Wu Kai Sha beach.

This beautiful location is the last remaining natural beach in Sha Tin district.

Many people visit it throughout the year, particularly on public holidays and at weekends.

Reclamation will rob not only Sha Tin but the whole of Hong Kong of this rare and precious natural coastal area.

Reclamation works and the subsequent building projects will also seriously affect the quality of life for Ma On Shan's 200,000 residents.

Adverse impacts include environmental degradation, traffic jams, and air and noise pollution.

Right behind the beach is the YMCA youth camp. It is the only camp in Hong Kong that is such a short distance from the city. It is used by residents and various international organisations.

This delightful beach was rated by CNN as Hong Kong 's 'best beach for romantic sunsets'. Near it are mangrove forests, interesting geological formations and sea life like starfish and sea horse. There are also historic heritage attractions such as a fishing village and Wu Kai Sha village. Should reclamation proceed, the area's unique charm will be irrevocably lost.

Ma On Shan Park, the waterfront promenade, the pier and various recreational facilities together with the natural beach enhance the pleasure of living in the area.

Some of these waterfront facilities have only recently been constructed and if reclamation goes ahead, taxpayers' money would be totally wasted.

A petition has been launched to persuade the government to preserve the beach (

Officials should zone Wu Kai Sha as a gazetted beach and the natural beach and bay area as a protected shoreline.

Y. H. Kwok, Ma On Shan