Spring a surprise

PUBLISHED : Friday, 06 April, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 06 April, 2012, 12:00am


Keeping to one particular style can give your home a cohesive look, but sometimes going to a store that has a wide selection can help define which direction you should be going.

Indigo Living has introduced four key looks this spring, with each collection reflecting global interior design trends.

Customers have a choice between Chinoiserie, Spring Luxe, Retro Revival and Tattoo Temple.

Indigo's managing director, John McLennan, says a person's favoured decorating style can be a blueprint for their personality.

'We hope that the Spring, Your Style collections will guide our customers to define and refine their own sense of style,' McLennan says.

'Our customers' tastes may vary wildly, but what they have in common is the desire to create a beautiful home.'

Everything in the spring collection, and the wider Indigo range, is designed to fit together. This makes it easy to pick a few statement pieces and build a room around them.

The Chinoiserie collection is designed for lovers of whimsical, fun interior pieces. Classically inspired, but modern in appeal, Chinoiserie blends East and West, and applies it to a range of modern furnishing and accessories.

This artistic style has been used since the 17th century to reflect Chinese artistic influences and is characterised by the use of fanciful China-inspired imagery.

Shapes are antique in style, their high-gloss lacquer finishes lending a sense of quirky contrast, while vivid colours make the pieces pop.

The Retro collection was designed for lovers of vintage furniture with clean, Scandinavian-style lines, organic shapes, simplicity and functionality.

The pieces have been inspired by classic pieces from visionary mid-century modern designers, including Arne Jacobsen, Charles and Ray Eames and Hans Wegner.

The collection is versatile and complements a myriad of different interior styles.

It also offers a range of stylish and durable sofas and armchairs that make dramatic statements, while at the same time have ideal proportions for small apartment living.

The Luxe collection uses leather, hand-cut crystal, premium fabrics and subdued colour to produce an elegant, refined look with a neutral colour palette.

Oversized vases from the 100 per cent recycled Spanish glass range can be placed as focal points in living areas. These contrast alongside delicately handmade cushion covers in linen, velvet and silk.

Key pieces include cushions from French designer Franck Josseaume, inspired by the Edo period of Japanese shogunate history.

Finally, to celebrate the Year of the Dragon, Indigo Living commissioned tattoo artist Joey Pang, of Tattoo Temple Hong Kong, to create two exclusive designs as keynotes of the collection. The first is a fiery dragon coiled and ready to strike, while the second illustrates a traditional pond scene with koi carp swimming among lotus blossoms. The range encompasses armchairs, cushions, trays, coasters and ceramic tableware.