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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 11 April, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 11 April, 2012, 12:00am


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On Financial Secretary John Tsang warning potential homebuyers of a property bubble:

Patrick Shu Wing-lee - It is too late and useless ... [It is] necessary to implement effective measures before the bubble bursts. While the speculators benefit, most people suffer. High property prices and rents have pushed up inflation, and those with low incomes suffer most.

Bruce Lee - Funny how he failed to acknowledge this earlier when everyone in HK has been telling him. Now he tells us when he's about to leave office.

On a HK man recalling 50 years as a cubicle dweller:

Law Hin-lau - That is why Hong Kong streets are so busy during the day. Some people have to stay out of their house to let others sleep.

Philip Ho - This is a pressing issue that the next administration has to tackle, as these Hongkongers have been deliberately left out in the cold by the lame-duck government of Donald Tsang.

Ela Sashimi - Many of these cubicle dwellers are not new migrants but people who've worked all their lives here and are too honest to buy and sell stocks and properties but have contributed to building HK in the ways they've been allowed to. The HK government really owes these people a debt.

US ambassador to China is praised for this thrift:

Ed Yee - He is just following the guideline set by US General Services Administration (GSA).

Marcus H. Langston - I don't blame him, the Sofitel Boao is in the middle of nowhere.

Charles Henning - Gary Locke goes to a cheaper hotel while GSA employees 'live it up' in Vegas with super-expensive entertainment, leading to the resignation of the GSA administrator and sacking of top deputies. Well, at least there was a little accountability.