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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 25 April, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 25 April, 2012, 12:00am


Tough new immigration rules may deter foreign students from going to British universities:

Davood Jalili - This is so typical of Europe and in particular England. Trust me, they just need the student's money and nothing else. I say let's boycott their universities and colleges and only then will you see how they come back begging us to return.

Bob Howe - With over one million illegals living and working in the UK, something needed to be done. All countries are addressing the issue and students who stay and work illegally after their studies create a real problem.

Philip Ho - No matter how costly it is to study in the UK nowadays, British education is still the best in the world.

Bjorn Berg - Don't go to the UK to study. Plenty of other places with a high-quality education, English-language programmes, and far lower fees.

On the call for a new authority to oversee a 'revolution' on the waterfront:

Sam Ho - No more 'revolution'. The waterfront is already suffering from development. The best project is to keep it intact. In this way, the environment would be preserved and more tourists would be drawn to it. This is actually what they want to see.

Hyun Min Song - How about a beautiful waterfront park, stretching from Central to say, North Point? Also, clean up the nasty harbour so it doesn't stink like a sewer.

On the chief executive-elect's call for a zero quota for mainland mothers:

Matthew Gollop - The last thing that is needed here is this kind of knee-jerk reaction. Medical tourism is a big part of HK's economy. What is needed is greater control and some preference given to locals so that their service levels don't suffer as a result.