Flight stunt a big laugh for Victoria Beckham

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 26 April, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 26 April, 2012, 12:00am


She landed a Cathay Pacific flight attendant in a spot of bother after a photo of herself in a crew seat went on Twitter last week, but Victoria Beckham could not help chuckling at the comical side of her make-believe act.

The former English pop singer, who breezed into town in the early hours yesterday, also gushed about the immediacy of social media as she recalled the incident.

'I think it's funny! I think that fans deserve that, when you can get directly to them,' Beckham said. 'That [picture] did really make me laugh. I found it really funny. The great thing about social media is that it does allow me to give my fans what I think they want to see.'

Beckham was on her way to Beijing on Friday when she posed as an airline crew member and pretended to make an announcement over the plane's public address system.

She then tweeted the picture, triggering a viral sensation that showed her funny side to more than three million Twitter followers.

The picture caption read: 'Cabin crew prepare for landing! Welcome to Beijing!' A Cathay flight attendant sits next to her in mock displeasure.

Cathay has confirmed the photo was taken on flight CX390 from Hong Kong to Beijing on Friday, but was not taken at any critical stage of the journey that could cause a safety concern.

The airline issued a notice in its online weekly update to crew on Monday, reminding them of internal guidelines that crew seats were to be taken only by attendants on duty or qualified staff members travelling as passengers. It also said passengers should not be allowed to touch aircraft equipment.

Beckham was impeccably presented and fresh-faced yesterday, despite being on the road constantly with her six-month-old daughter, Harper.

The former Spice Girl, wife of football superstar David Beckham, original WAG and now award-winning fashion designer, met local media for interviews and spent time with VIPs through personal appointments during her brief stay in Hong Kong after the Beijing trip.

Almost 400 guests turned out for the evening cocktail event in Lane Crawford IFC, where the petite beauty appeared for the launch of her secondary line, Victoria, Victoria Beckham. The crowd was a mix of socialites, stylists, bloggers and celebrity fans such as models Jennifer Tse Ting-ting and Kathy Chow Man-kei.

Beckham arrived fashionably late about an hour into the cocktail party. The mega-star stayed for a good 10 minutes with celebrity fans before heading to a private dinner with VIPs at the China Club.

'We were just saying how much we love Hong Kong already,' Beckham cooed. 'I woke up this morning and the view outside my room was beyond breathtaking.'