Donald Tsang

Public Eye

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 02 May, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 02 May, 2012, 12:00am

Keep it simple, C.Y. - don't muddle up our ministries

Someone please help - Public Eye is getting lost in translation. All this talk about incoming boss Leung Chun-ying splitting up old ministries and creating new ones to be called this and that is muddling our mind. Why can't he keep it simple? Why give ministries names no one can relate to? What ordinary person would care about such things as the Commerce and Economic Bureau being sliced into an industrial, commercial and tourism bureau and a communications and technology bureau? And who cares about which overpaid bureaucrat will look after Cepa or the national 12th five-year plan and the 36 supportive measures? It's all gibberish.

Here's Public Eye's advice to C.Y. Leung: stuff all that. What we really need is an overall Ministry of Magic since it'll take magic, not name changes, to solve all our problems. This Ministry of Magic will oversee key ministries dealing with our most pressing needs, such as the Ministry to Clean Up our Filthy Air, the Ministry to Fix the Wealth Gap, the Ministry to Force Down Property Prices, the Ministry to End Government-Big Business Collusion, and the Ministry to Cut our Tycoons Down to Size.

Rein in tycoons? We need a Ministry of Magic

Talking about tycoons, no one made much of C.Y. Leung's henchman Ronnie Chan Chichung's boast that the era of the property tycoons making excessive profits is over. Maybe it's because Chan, himself a tycoon who heads Hang Lung Properties, wasn't clear how Leung plans to defy greedy tycoons. Pass a law forbidding excessive profits? Force them to sell flats cheaper? Ban them from monopolising land auctions? Make sure they can't own everything from transport and mobile phone companies to pharmacies and supermarkets? It all sounds impossible. That's why Leung needs a Ministry of Magic to give teeth to a Ministry to Cut our Tycoons Down to Size.

Time for a hands-off policy in dealing with sex workers

The Ministry of Magic shouldn't have to deal with masturbation, which is a touchy but not really pressing issue. Well, not pressing for the people but it is for our sex workers. They are rising up over the police rule that undercover officers can receive free masturbation while exposing illegal prostitution. Rights group for sex workers Zi Teng says there's no need for the firm rule that lets officers go through the entire process free before revealing their identity. In all 15 cases the group documented in the first three months of this year officers revealed their identities only after the job was completed. Zi Teng says it's time the police softened this hard rule so that the masturbation can be stopped once it has clearly started. We agree. Our sex workers already have their hands full dealing with clients who abuse them, rob them, or run away without paying.

Get real - no one works with 'one heart' in politics

Please say it ain't so but it looks like our incoming administration plans to take up residence in La-la Land. That's the next-door planet to Cloud Cuckoo Land, where our current administration has resided all these years. C.Y. Leung's chief of staff, Fanny Law Fan Chiu-fun, says the outgoing and incoming administrations have a duty to work 'with one heart' to facilitate Leung's ministerial shake-up. Leung himself said after meeting pan-democrats that everyone must work with one heart. That's La-la Land talk. There's no such thing as working 'with one heart' in politics. Donald Tsang Yam-kuen's administration has no duty to sell Leung's thinking. That's Leung's job. Fanny Law wants Tsang's cabinet to approve Leung's planned ministerial shake-up. What if Tsang's cabinet members don't like the shake-up? Is Law saying they should rubber-stamp it anyway? We suggest Tsang's cabinet only rubber stamps Leung's ministerial shake-up on one condition - that it creates a Ministry Against Rubber-Stamping.