Mother monster Rules in this house

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 03 May, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 03 May, 2012, 12:00am


The gates to a medieval castle open and in comes a majestic queen riding a silver unicorn.

Juxtaposing the archaic castle is a ghostly hologram of Lady Gaga's face floating high above - welcoming you to a world where anything goes, where Mother Monster herself can pop out of a gigantic womb or be pressed into a meat grinder.

Lady Gaga launches into her top hit Born This Way in a jewel-encrusted black gown with outstretched wings like a goddess from hell. The crowd goes wild with their iconic Little Monster claw raised up high.

If you find the painful screams, the gory meat dresses and the almost-naked dancers' homoerotic caresses a little hard to stomach, then find the exit, because Lady Gaga couldn't care less.

Lady Gaga splays her legs - and freezes - before a male dancer's face, leaving the audience to finish the thought with their cheers.

All the breathless dancing and techno beats may have blanketed the au naturale essence of Lady Gaga's songwriting talent, and a highlight is when she rides a motorbike onto a stage that serves as her keyboard.

She sings the misty-eyed Hair on her keyboard and bellows, urging the audience to be 'as free as [their] hair'.

But 'classics' such as Bad Romance and Just Dance drew the loudest cheers.

Lady Gaga's costumes - as spectacular as her music - are worth noting. In one playful moment she wears a dress that extends into a keyboard, placing a hand between her legs while pretending to grace the keys.

Between the arches of the medieval castle - the backdrop of the stage - hang large chunks of meat. It's Lady Gaga's new take on her famous meat dress as she performs Americano - and ends with her disappearing into a meat grinder.

Addressing conservatives who accuse her of promoting homosexuality, she says 'you can be whoever you want to be - gay, straight, bisexual or transexual... And don't worry about [the protesters]. In order for change to happen, there has to be a storm - and this is the storm.'

'Today is about a secular experience of music,' she declares. But before you take her word for it, Lady Gaga flips religious convention on its head and declares 'Jesus is the new black' and points to a male dancer as the 'black Jesus'.

The concert was no doubt not a disappointment to the fans who arrived early at the AsiaWorld-Arena wearing platinum wigs, black leather vests, sky-high stilettos and fake blood.

They were hoping to claim spots in the Monster Pit - the special zone reserved for a handful of those holding HK$1,580 and HK$1,280 standing tickets.

Andrew Lee Pat-shuen, 19, was first in line, arriving at 4am on Monday wearing 13-centimetre stilettos and a blonde pigtail wig.

His dedication earned him the thrill of signing a gigantic Monster Pit key, a privilege given to the first in line at each of the 110 gigs on Gaga's 'Born This Way Ball' world tour. He was also invited backstage to meet the star after the gig.