A Rose Reborn

Modern Leaders for the New Globe

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 04 September, 2014, 9:30am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 07 October, 2014, 5:48pm


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Ermenegildo Zegna’s experimental film “A Rose Reborn” looks into the positive hope of tomorrow’s world with a hint of rebirth.  This innovative project involves international talents from different cultural backgrounds, including the brand’s creative director Stefano Pilati, award-winning Korean director Park Chan-wook, famous Asian actor Daniel Wu and British actor Jack Huston. 

All these professionals, behind or on the screen, signify the new generation of leadership in the film – the men create and inspire, their ideas are important for decisions and they lead the projects to success.  They are confident in the environment they operate, reflected in the way they present themselves.

Director Park, a friend and fan of Zegna, appreciates the values and aesthetic taste of the brand.  He was invited to work on the film for his clean and direct manner of telling a story, his sophisticated presentation of symbolism and artistry through light and images, as well as his established directional skills to convey the significant messages of the brand.

This is a debut for Park to work on a project integrating fashion and movie, allowing him room to express his creativity and ideas in a free-hand manner without presumption.  And Zegna believes that as an international renowned director coming from an Eastern culture, he knows perfectly how to represent this vision and simultaneously combining it with the Western culture.

The English name of the film, A Rose Reborn, and the Chinese name “孵花 (fū huā)” both carry a death to life meaning and echo each other, showing the style and skills of Park, leading audience to think in a deeper way.

Daniel Wu (“Blood Brothers”, “Overheard”) acts as the mentor Mr Lu.  “I obviously know that as an actor and celebrity, I can influence people and the outcome can be seen.  I feel like if I can positively influence the younger generations, I will do something that makes me passionate about life and be successful in that.”

Jack Huston (“American Hustle”, “Boardwalk Empire”) feels close with his character Stephen.  He mentions that the closer he gets to Stephen, the more it comes to life.  “I do relate with Stephen because he is a forward-thinking innovative young man who is trying to bring something new to the world and Zegna is the brand that always striving to bring something new, to reinvent themselves,” he adds, “When you get a close look at the clothes you realize how good the quality cut they are and that’s just the beauty.”

The 3 episodes plus a finale will be released on with the official trailer be launched on Sep 9th.