Smart Money: Financial apps

PUBLISHED : Monday, 01 October, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 01 October, 2012, 1:21am

Latest personal finance apps

Knowing about your personal finances during a financial crisis requires some real-time, mobile tools. Mint's iPhone and Android apps present all your accounts from bank to investments, and personalise your budgets and investment targets. It classifies any expense you input and alerts you if you exceed your budget. An easy tool lets you track performance relative to major indices.

Novice investors and those starting to organise their personal finances and portfolios will like this app, which mimics a mobile wallet. It shows your latest account balances and reminds you when to pay bills. It also follows loyalty programmes and lets you store images as you would in your wallet. Chart options help you understand your past spending behaviour versus your income while trying to forecast your budgeting trends. Adaptu offers "bank level security" and doesn't store your data on your iPhone so thieves cannot access it if they steal your phone.

Doxo centralises finances onto one site. Other online social networks unite your interactions online, but this one gathers and organises your family's budget and shows how one person's transactions affects it. It also includes free backup for family documents. You can manage household payments and connect with various service providers. There are folders for storing wills and work-related documents. You can set investment and payment limits. Alerts ask you to verify and approve payments before they are made.