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The folk at McDonald's must be scratching their heads. What kind of people stuff their faces with junk yet care about sell-by dates? What in the world is quality junk?

A prime beneficiary of the US$2.05 billion WH Group IPO will be chief executive and chairman Wan Long. He owns 9.01 per cent of the company, which is the world's biggest pork...

Last year, Forbes named McDonald's the seventh most powerful brand in the world. The brand value of the golden arches was estimated at a staggering HK$290 billion. One would...

The strains are showing on Vladimir Putin, Russia's autocratic and increasingly nationalist president.

One of my finest hours - at least at the time - was dealing with a New Zealand client investing in a French stock in Hong Kong, for a London stockbroker owned by a Swedish bank...

The government intervened in the markets in August 1998 to counter the double market play by international financial market predators.

The investigation into alleged corruption by former security chief Zhou Yongkang is being seen as a potential landmark in the mainland's development of the rule of law.

According to media reports this month, the government has unveiled new directives restricting the use of cars by central government officials.

Collateral damage is a terrifying thing, a concern accentuated because it stems from events that tend to be beyond your control.

A word of caution to those heading to a new eatery which opened yesterday. It's owned by the famous "Naked Chef".

All's fair in love and war. If someone socks you between the eyes, you knee him right back in the groin. Is that too hard for Anson Chan Fang On-sang to understand?

At long last, a Chinese leader has acknowledged the Basic Law's stipulation that the method of selecting the chief executive shall be specified "in the light of the actual...

Concern about the ability of markets to provide income equity for the least able members of the work force has given the minimum wage its strong social appeal.


It is widely agreed that economic development means more than GDP growth. As China is now learning, one does not guarantee the other.

1 Aug 2014 - 2:37am

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I was shocked to read the report "West Kowloon park: 'it's about the arts not trees'", (July 29). It is clear that the proposal for a cultural green park has been hijacked by some developers who...

1 Aug 2014 - 3:55am

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