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Hong Kong has long had its well-established retail districts serving different catchments and budgets, each one offering a slightly different balance of retailers and slightly...

I have written a column for this newspaper for 15 years and any regular reader of my thoughts must recognise by now that I would immediately nod on reading the excerpt above...

Hong Kong's "umbrella revolution" was unwittingly aided by the police when they stood down yesterday morning.

Both sides are now blaming each other for the chaos and mayhem over the weekend. Given the extraordinary and persistently large crowds and the heavy-handed police response,...

Last week Britain's Guardian newspaper asked a number of financial commentators why Thomas Piketty's book on inequality has become an international best seller.

Apathetic was a word bandied about a lot when I was a college student. Among the people I associated with on campus, being socially and politically active was obligatory;...

A recent study by Credit Suisse Research Institute shows getting more women on board is not just about gender sensitivity, it also makes perfect business sense.

In January, 2011, a 9.5 metre bronze statue of the Chinese sage Confucius was unveiled at the north gate of the newly renovated National Museum, just off Tiananmen Square, not...

When 70 business heavyweights met top leaders in Beijing last week, including President Xi Jinping, the media naturally focused on the political implications of the trip.


The arrest of students who stormed Civic Square on Friday and the police's use of tear gas to disperse crowds of protesters near government headquarters in Admiralty on Sunday night brought...

30 Sep 2014 - 7:55pm

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I refer to the letter by David Hall ("Three key questions for Occupy", September 28).

30 Sep 2014 - 5:24am

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