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With consistently high demand for office space on the mainland and in Hong Kong, it is not surprising that investors have been spending heavily in both markets.

The political reform framework decided by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress has evoked strong reactions in Hong Kong.

Last week, four young Western women travelling on a bus pulled the "I'm a lawyer" card on me.

To the CLSA Investor Forum, which as chairman and CEO Jonathan Slone proudly proclaimed, was the 21st and the busiest with more meetings and more delegates from the bigger...

"I immediately realised I was being hired … to hide the source and beneficiaries of shady transactions potentially worth hundreds of millions of euros."

I probably spend more of my waking hours with my colleague Peter Kammerer than with my own wife and children. I sit next to him in the office and we chat and exchange jokes all...

Hong Kong developers and contractors have long moaned about a labour shortage at the city's construction sites, but wage pressures have also been building up across the border...

Corruption is a drag on economic development as well as a cause of inequity, so it is perhaps not surprising that China's anti-corruption campaign seems to be getting a robust...

Hong Kong is a fleeting place for a lot of people. Those who come for holidays spend a few days, foreigners seeking an Asian adventure perhaps six or 12 months and expatriates...

Seven years after Hong Kong floated plans to promote Islamic finance, the first Islamic bond has made its debut in the city.

At a Mid-Autumn Festival gathering with friends last week, we set a rule not to discuss politics. On a day celebrating family, reunion and harmony, we didn't want to risk...


In an ongoing crackdown on corruption, the Ministry of Public Security recently announced a policy to encourage reporting on "dual citizens" - people who obtain citizenship in another country yet...

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Professor Richard Wong's article on health care costs ("Counting the cost", August 27) needs a few clarifications.

16 Sep 2014 - 3:11am

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