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  • Aug 20, 2014
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The impressive display of edibles at the Hong Kong Trade and Development Council’s Food Expo this week focused attention on elegant presentation and delighting the taste buds...

The taxes are high, the bureaucracy is complex and, if you believe half of what you read in the newspapers, the government is at best suffering from stalemate and at worst...

The overwhelming vote of no confidence last week against Ambrose Lam San-keung made his resignation yesterday as Law Society president inevitable.

Remember how all hell broke loose in February when Commercial Radio sacked Li Wei-ling, who regularly used her prime-time talk show to savage the Leung Chun-ying administration...

Every now and again we are reminded of the truth of the expression, "The law is an ass."

The new SAT test, with its heavy emphasis on knowledge of US founding documents and civil liberties, has the potential to change the mindset and world view of an entire...

Jane Jacobs (1916-2006) was a writer, thinker and activist, who railed against the received wisdom of 20th century urban planners.

Universal suffrage for Hong Kong is about people being able to vote for those who govern them. Simple enough: it's been tried and tested in countless elections.

We all know about the city's lack of housing supply, but what is less well known is that it is also suffering a serious shortage of logistics land and facilities.

If Beijing wants to encourage more overseas investment in mainland A shares via the stock through-train scheme, due to start in October, it might have to rethink its 7.30am pre...

The Global Times recently argued that the past 25 years of economic expansion proved that Beijing was right to suppress political dissent in 1989.


Last Friday, Narendra Modi delivered his first Independence Day speech as Indian prime minister. Though he continued the tradition of addressing the country from the ramparts of Delhi's historic...

20 Aug 2014 - 12:07pm

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Many people, and recently even Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, have opposed the Occupy Central movement, saying it does not abide by the law and could hurt Hong Kong's political future and its...

20 Aug 2014 - 4:45am

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