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Shame on politicians using Manila tragedy for their own ends

Stephen Vines says threat of sanctions is not only wrong, but won't work

PUBLISHED : Friday, 08 November, 2013, 6:59pm
UPDATED : Friday, 08 November, 2013, 7:05pm

The Hong Kong government and some of its more unlikely allies are threatening to turn the Manila bus killing tragedy into a farce. Three years after Hong Kong residents were killed and injured during a bungled hostage rescue, officials are working on a plan to penalise all the people who were not involved in this tragic event.

Details have not been revealed but a one-month deadline has been set for retaliation, which could include measures such as curbing the import of Philippine domestic helpers, ending the visa-free entry regime for Philippine visitors, and goodness knows what else.

Among the most vocal proponents of this retaliation offensive are pan-democrats who should know better. Piling in behind them are the usual band of opportunists who see no tragedy as being too small to ignore if there is a chance of furthering their political careers. And now the hapless Leung Chun-ying administration has seized on this as a possible way of restoring its battered credibility.

They want President Benigno Aquino to apologise and insist that large sums of cash are paid to the victims and their families. Imposing sanctions on hapless Philippine citizens will not work. In fact, it is likely to be counterproductive.

One of the reasons for Aquino's popularity in the Philippines is that he cleverly plays the nationalistic card and has acquired a reputation for standing up to foreigners. He has already demonstrated that standing up to tiny Hong Kong is popular and risk-free.

The great brains in the Hong Kong government think the best response to this intransigence is a range of measures that will reduce the growing tourist business with the Philippines and penalise both employers and domestic helpers who work here. Could there be a better example of self-inflicted damage?

Lurking behind this stupidity is a suspicion that the demands for apologies and compensation stem from a racist attitude towards the Philippines.

When Hong Kong travellers suffer fatal accidents on the mainland, not least because of failures in safety regulation, the administration does not even hint at demands for redress. Nor does it do so when Hongkongers suffer disaster in other countries where the authorities are at least in part responsible for their fate.

There are no excuses for the way the hostage crisis was handled by the Manila police force: but what realistically can be done? First of all, the families of those involved have already indicated an unwillingness to accept compensation payments in line with those that are made in the Philippines. Do they really think that any government will volunteer to pay more to foreigners than to local people?

Secondly, there has in fact been an apology, by Joseph Estrada, the mayor of Manila, even though he was not in office when the tragedy occurred. Will another apology, by Aquino, make that much difference?

Frankly, we are now entering the realms of absurdity. I am not criticising the people who are directly involved in this affair but there is plenty to criticise in the stirring and posturing of those who are only involved for their own political ends.

The current administration has sunk so low in public esteem that even opportunistic gestures like this are unlikely to help it gain ground. And what can be said of the unholy alliance it has formed with its usual opponents?

It may be unfair to set a higher standard of behaviour for democrats who campaign for justice and human rights for all. However, you cannot set out your stall with these goods on display and expect no one will notice when some of the goods are taken off the table because they might earn a higher price by being withdrawn.

The time has come to be aware of the damage caused by those exploiting this tragedy.

Stephen Vines is a Hong Kong-based journalist and entrepreneur


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'Special' or not, HK has no lack of tourists.
Sure there is no lack of tourist yet ... but we keep battering the Mainlanders as well
In reply to marian Nov 9th 2013 9:52am
LOL, you fool
Have some respect for the Jews terminated in concentration camps
Don’t foolishly compare the Holocaust with political trivialities
for language sake, we don't need native english speaking countries coz we rank #8 in the world as english native speakers, wiki that
for travel, I prefer traveling the mainland china, beautiful culture and tradition
HK? hmmm dunno what it can offer in this modern century.
HK Chinese can travel free-visa to native english speaking countries like the Philippines not because they're from HK, thanks to british colonization.
we are still waiting for the sanctions, we will see, not only your tourism, family and ability to speak english will suffer
Thanks for the info which I wasn’t aware of
that English is Filipino’s native language
Hk’s FDH’s (F for Filipino here) may apply to be local schools’ NET’s
or teach Tagalospeare’s Lomelo y Dooniat to esf students
My comments' followers should understand that
I very much approve such breed of english
The fact remains, NOT A Single native English country would
allow fellow native english speaking Filipinos visa free entry
If you think British colonization gave HK advantages over the Philippines
suffer no more in hopeless envy, invite the British
whom HKers have kicked out to the archipelagos
to be colonial masters and educators - FIHTP
Given the state of the British economy
you might find some willing cockneys
Beware though that there is no guarantee
The British may succeed what they failed in HK
and turn the Philippines into another Uganda
That will be the lesson of colonization for you
No, I’ve learnt to be kind
What a pity
another LOL
you're now aware WiNK
as what I said we don't need a free visa to enter native English speaking countries, u need us Chinese in HK WiNK
we don't need to invite our fellow native speakers WiNK
Uganda?the lesson of colonization are FREEDOM and our native English that HK Chinese are hungry WiNK
one thing for sure, HK is a city of china with limited freedom WiNK
pity? since when Chinese can spell and know P-I-T-Y? u eat endangered species, u have abortion, no human rights...
it's time for HK Chinese to apologize killed domestic helpers and the lamma island ferry collision or maybe ask an apology of the recent ship tragedy in Thailand that killed a Chinese from HK WiNK WiNK WiNK
The comparison with the Holocaust in Germany is just unacceptable. If a politician would have made this comment in Germany in a similar context, he would have to apologise and step down.
But one thing is very true, there is nothing special about HK anymore, except seeing how Hong Kongers are now fretting about being told by Beijing what they have to do after they have been told by the British what to do for a century before.
Duplication deleted
I followed your interesting lead and check the internet
Of the 60 (?) countries that allow Philippines passport holders visa free entry
NONE is native English speaking
despite the relatively high English standard of Filipina/os
english and Filipino being the country's JOINT official languages
Your LOL and WINK symptoms require urgent psychiatric treatment



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