Morning Clicks, August 24

PUBLISHED : Friday, 24 August, 2012, 1:31pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 29 August, 2012, 3:05pm

Keywords: Africa, Foxconn, Myanmar, Japan, Korea, Russia

Monash University
-- Tracking African attitudes to Chinese migrants

China Central Television
-- Video: China and Africa Join Hands in Media Cooperation

China Law Blog
-- How To Handle Chinese Negotiating Tactics

-- Are Foxconn Internships Now Better Than American Internships?

Ventures Africa
-- China To Help Build South Sudan Airport

The Independent
-- Flushing Chinese out of petty business

Human Rights Watch
-- China: Refugees Forcibly Returned to Burma

The Chosun Ilbo
-- Japanese Foreign Ministry Bars Korean Diplomat

-- News Analysis: WTO membership to boost China-Russia trade, investment

Chinese Human Rights Defenders
-- 在京访民号召罢访行动,抗议政府的不作为(图) Petitioners in Beijing protest lack of government action by refusing to petition (photo)

China Daily
'Stand-off' in anti-graft war
-- Supervision of power will be pivotal to China’s battle against corruption, with the forces of corruption and those fighting it currently at a "stand-off", a senior anti-corruption official has said.
Japan, S. Korea tensions continue
-- Bilateral spats continued to erupt on Thursday as Seoul protested Tokyo's accusation over their disputed islands, and Tokyo reportedly refused to accept its letter that Seoul returned.
Chinese contractors in Africa turn to investment
-- Chinese contractors in Africa are now shifting to investment in areas such as infrastructure, agriculture, and mineral and energy products, a move to enhance their presence in the continent while profit margins narrow in the continent's market for contracting.
Food crisis 'unlikely to repeat'
-- China's grain output has remained higher than 500 million tons annually since 2007, and it grew by 4.5 percent to reach 571 million tons last year, marking eight consecutive years of growth, National Bureau of Statistics figures show.

Global Times
-- 社评:中国需要新的思想启蒙运动 Editorial: China needs a new ideological enlightenment movement
-- 韩国退回日本首相亲笔信 日媒评此举近乎宣战 Korea returns Japan PM's personal letter, critical Japanese media call the move a near declaration of war
-- 中国国防部回应美军反导雷达堵在中国家门口 Ministry of Defense responds to US military placement of anti-missile radar on China's doorstep
-- Cold War over, but vigilance still necessary A few people among the Chinese elites are advocating universal interests. These idealistic slogans, ignorant of world realities, can only delude the Chinese public.
-- Increasingly involved public expects reform, not revolution The first and foremost domestic challenge is to maintain effective management and control over the massive number of government officials.
-- Tokyo mulls second landing Japanese foreign minister Genba Koizumi reiterated Thursday that Japan "would never back down" on the Diaoyu Islands issue...

People's Daily
-- 正确认识形势 坚定发展信心 Keep a correct understanding of the situation, maintain confidence in growth
-- 进一步完善统计调查体系 不断提高统计服务水平 Continue perfection of the statistical survey system, steadily improve the quality of statistics services
-- 广东 改革潮头更争先 Guangdong remains at the forefront of reform trends
-- Sharp depreciation of yuan unlikely As China's foreign trade situation and balance of payments surplus have not undergone fundamental changes, the yuan will appreciate in the medium-to-long term.
-- Japan should not repeat mistakes in Diaoyu Islands issue The situation is not looking optimistic as the Noda administration is facing hard times and busy consolidating its power, and Japanese right-wingers are taking advantage of people’s national sentiment to make waves.

-- 中日关系里面有种毒素叫“石原慎太郎” Sino-Japanese relations are being poisoned and the poison's name is [Shintaro] Ishihara
-- Russia says to continue economic cooperation with Syria Some countries' unilateral sanctions against Syria would not hinder Russia's economic cooperation with the Middle East country, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Thursday.
-- China Voice: Government reforms will decide China's future The State Council, or China's cabinet, said Wednesday that the reforms being put in place in Guangdong are urgently needed.
-- New Silk Road has potential for global significance Due to the new East-Eastern axis, both sides gain a higher degree of independence from traditional trade routes with Europe and North America.

China Youth Daily
-- 中青报:不成为贪官到底有多难 Is it really so hard to not become a corrupt official?
-- 海军首批女舰员即将上战位 First female navy crew members set to head to sea
-- 中国最富20大城市排行 北上广深榜上无名 China's 20 wealthiest cities (#1: Karamay, Xinjiang)