Morning Clicks, August 27

PUBLISHED : Monday, 27 August, 2012, 9:49am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 29 August, 2012, 3:05pm

Keywords: Bank loans, Fiscal stimulus, South China Sea, Occupy Hong Kong, China Construction Bank, Japan, Internet regulation, Africa, Egypt, Iran, Russia, Pearl River Delta

The Times of India
-- China's rail link to hit Indian exports

-- China banks under pressure as loans turn sour

The Telegraph
-- China announces £800bn stimulus to boost confidence

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
-- Collision Course in the South China Sea

-- Foreign firms caught in China's security Web

Chatham House
-- Event: Chinese Investment in Europe

Chicago Tribune
-- Cheering for China

McKinsey China
-- What healthcare system can China afford? (podcast)

Ivan Broadhead
-- Occupy HK protesters now in bed after a long night playing drums, badminton, drinking & littering at HSBC. (photo)

NetEase Finance
-- 建行上半年净利1063亿元 同比增长14.5% China Construction Bank net income for the first half of 2012 was 106.3 billion yuan (HK$129.73 billion), a year-on-year increase of 14.5 per cent.


Media Roundup

People's Daily
-- 日本连放狠话是在玩火(望海楼)  Japan is playing with fire with its tough talk
-- 加强互联网监管是维护国家主权 Strengthening internet regulation is a matter of maintaining national sovereignty
-- 十年·跨越:网络问政促中国民主政治前行 //A feature section looking back at 10 years of evolution in China's strategy to use the internet to guide public opinion

China Daily
-- Sansha starts building infrastructure Sewage disposal and waste collection facilities will be built to ensure the sustainable development of the city, which is made up of coral islands and reefs.
-- Shanghai 'vulnerability' contested The city's ability to control floods came under scrutiny after a study appearing in the American journal Natural Hazards suggested that it is more vulnerable to serious flooding than eight other big coastal cities in the world.
-- Island will boost Pearl River vision At present, six projects totaling 64 billion yuan ($10 billion) of investment from Hong Kong and Macao are being implemented in Hengqin or negotiated...
-- Govt's favorable programs to boost research Li Yuanchao, head of the Organization Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, said a program meant to enroll more than 10,000 researchers will soon be introduced.

-- Exclusive interview: AU Chairman on China-Africa Media Forum Jean Ping, chairman of the African Union Commission [...] believes there should be more direct media exchanges between China and Africa.
-- Live crossover: Reasons behind Russia's move Russia has sent vessels to two of the larger disputed islands. Why is that? What impact will the move have on the bilateral relations between the two countries?

-- 美在中东超常规部署3航母 战争或随时打响? US exceeds its usual Middle East deployment of 3 aircraft carriers; Is war imminent?
-- 强化社会管理的群众观念 Strengthen the public's understanding of its role in social management
-- 进一步提高宏观调控水平--二论做好当前经济工作 Steps needed to increase price, fiscal, and financial reforms
-- Foreign intervention in regional issues unacceptable: Iran's FM Israel also should be forced to respect the non-proliferation of WMDs, said Salehi.
-- Senior Chinese officer stresses importance of developing new-type military relationship with U.S. [Cai] said that the two sides have to make concrete efforts to overcome differences, increase mutual trust and deepen the China-U.S. military relationship, which has been repeatedly interrupted by the U.S. arms sales to Taiwan...

Global Times
-- Diaoyu slowly drifting into crosshairs If a new war breaks out between China and Japan, it may well take on an aspect of revenge...The Chinese public has boundless antipathy toward Japan.
-- Aid no longer buys affection for US on Egypt’s streets We cannot say that US aid to Egypt has lost its influence, but one certain thing is that it cannot make the new Egyptian government follow the US lead in domestic and foreign policies any more.
-- 金柏松:中日经济战,赢家是美国 The US will be the winner is a Sino-Japanese economic war
-- 程涛:中国援助非洲,原因并不复杂 China's reasons for providing assistance to Africa are not complicated
-- 社评:解放军海上演习是对日本的回答 PLA naval exercises are a response to Japan