Morning Clicks, August 29

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 29 August, 2012, 12:17pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 29 August, 2012, 3:05pm

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All Things Nuclear
-- New York Times: Distorting Chinese Press Report on Missile Capabilities? In other words, the report that China was “developing” the capability to put multiple warheads on ICBMs originally came from Bill Gertz, was repeated by Jane’s Defense Weekly and was repeated again by the Global Times.

Australian Associated Press
-- Minmetals says Chinese investment okay The head of Chinese state-owned Minmetals Resources says Australians have no reason to worry about Chinese companies investing in the economy, so long as they had credible management.

Australian Financial Review
-- Howard calls for more Chinese investment His comments are at odds with the position taken by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, who said on a visit to China five weeks ago it would rarely be in Australia’s national interest to allow a foreign government to control an Australian business.
-- Carr softens line on secretive Chinese aid Australian acceptance of so-called chequebook diplomacy, saying powers involved in the Pacific region should learn to live with China giving aid to island nations.

Beijing News
-- 新京报: 劳教制度改革要迈好立法“第一步” The first step to reforming the reeducation through labour system is legislation.

China Internet Watch
-- What You Need to Know About China’s Post-90s 61.7 % of 16 million post-90s surf the Internet everyday, which accounts for 13% of the total number of China Internet users. In addition, the annual consumption by college students is 300 billion RMB (USD 47 billion).

China Debate
-- ‘China’s Top Future Leaders to Watch: Biographical Sketches of Possible Members of the Post-2012 Politburo: Cheng Li ‘China’s Top Future Leaders to Watch: Biographical Sketches of Possible Members of the Post-2012 Politburo: Part I, Part II, and Part III.’

-- Chinese Companies Are Leaving U.S. Markets The question for investors now is whether the sudden efflux of listed Chinese companies is really a problem, and what the near-term future holds for United States-listed Chinese.

Jing Daily
-- Can Hollywood-China Co-Productions Bridge The Audience Gap? order to please Beijing regulators, Chinese audiences, global investors and viewers in North America, Europe and elsewhere...filmmakers and producers risk pleasing nobody.

South African Foreign Policy Initiative
-- Africans have mixed perceptions of Chinese migrants, finds study China's motives are often portrayed as cynically trained on Africa's natural resources, but is this how Africans feel about the Chinese?

The Diplomat
-- Breaking the Ice: China’s Emerging Arctic Strategy Now the issue of access to Canada’s Arctic waters will take on an added dimension with China’s newly expressed interest in the north. The most recent manifestation of this new Chinese strategic interest is the current voyage of the world’s largest icebreaker, the Xuelong to Iceland.

The Next Web
-- Prominent Chinese investor Kai-Fu Lee attacks Citron Research over “ludicrous” search report Given Citron’s track record as a short seller, its report on Sohu elicited some suspicion. Some industry watchers have suggested that the company may be attempting a “pump and dump” strategy on the stock.

Zhejiang Online
-- 9月10日起 在浙江买感冒药要出示身份证 Beginning September 10, consumers in Zhejiang province will need to display ID when purchasing cold medicine, which police say is often used now to manufacture recreational drugs.


Media Roundup
-- Bad Loans in Chinese Banks Rebound 
-- Re-education Through Labor Reform Hits Critical Point

-- Fiscal Crunch Time in the Nation's Capitals

China Daily
-- Minister to lure Chinese investors 
-- Clinton visit raises concerns 
-- Pre-convention talk accentuates the positive 
-- Nigerian envoy urges China to 'cut import tariffs' on more African goods 
-- Solar firms hope Merkel visit can ease tension 
-- Shanghai wants more international schools

China Youth Daily
-- 赤裸裸的真理难挡华丽丽的谣言 Naked truth often does little to stop an amazing rumour

Global Times
-- Noda writes to Hu in bid to ease tensions 
-- Noda’s olive branch needs to take root 
-- Red moon threat reflects hollow fears on space 
-- Individually owned companies growing steadily: SAIC 
-- CNOOC seeks overseas bids 
-- American scholarship on South China Sea misguided 
-- 于建嵘:城市不应有“零乞丐”的野心 Yu Jianrong: A city should not aspire to "zero beggars"

People's Daily
-- Japan’s hardline rhetoric on Diaoyu is ‘playing with fire' 
-- 汪洋:要做到敏感问题清醒警惕 敢于纠正歪理邪说 Wang Yang: Remain clearheaded and alert when tackling sensitive problems, dare to correct deceptive fallacies

Sina English
-- US hype of Iran Threat boosts global arms sales to record US$66.3B

-- U.S. Secretary of State to visit China next week 
-- Pacific leaders look beyond ocean barriers to regional development 
-- Police chief vows to better protect Chinese nationals overseas 
-- Chinese leader mourns death of Ethiopian PM 
-- CPC orders clean reshuffles in local legislatures, gov'ts