Morning Clicks, August 30

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 30 August, 2012, 10:45am
UPDATED : Friday, 31 August, 2012, 9:29am

Keywords: Hillary Clinton, yuan revaluation, legal reform, urbanisation, militarisation, natural resources, Africa

Australian Associated Press
-- Clinton's Pacific visit in step with China The visit of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the Pacific Islands Forum this week will be fleeting, but it's more than a nod to China's growing influence in the region.

Carnegie Endowment
-- China’s Export Competitiveness and the Renminbi China urgently needs to rebalance its economy, both to avoid the risk of a domestic banking crisis and to reduce its excessive claim on global demand. How it chooses to do so, however, should not be constrained by too much focus on the value of the renminbi.

Cartoon Network
-- Bat Man of

-- Why Foreigners and Chinese Themselves Are Leaving China Kitto criticized China’s primary and middle school education as not learning knowledge but rather learning how to take tests. Although this is a little exaggerated, there’s also a lot of truth in it.

China in Africa
-- WP: "Chinese Weapons Flooding Africa" As in other areas, Chinese exports are booming. China's "going global" policy of increasing exports and taking over markets from other exporters is the force pushing this, although they still have a long way to go. Overall, the United States continues to be the world's top exporter of arms.

Chinese Law and Politics Blog
-- Chinese State Council White Papers and the "Turn Against Law” The 2008 white paper contained an entire chapter touting China’s international exchanges and cooperation with foreign countries and international organizations in legal reform efforts.The 2011 document lacks any such section.

Dispatches from China
-- Thinking about urbanisation in China and India. If we are to create a future for our farmers in urban India, how equipped are our cities? Or, can we make agriculture viable enough to follow a different path, and is that sustainable in the long run?

The Diplomat
-- Militarization of China’s Civilian Leaders? In other words, the question that needs to be asked is whether recent Chinese assertiveness in the East and South China Sea is the result of greater “push” by an increasingly vocal PLA, or more “pull” by the civilian leadership.

The Guardian
-- China threatens to burst Australia's iron ore bubble China's economic slowdown has left commodity-rich Australia and its over-valued currency exposed

The Express Tribune
-- China’s growing influence in Africa According to estimates, there are around 800 Chinese firms in Africa, investing in the infrastructure, energy and banking sectors.

Think Progress
-- Republicans Debate How Much To Cut Education While China And India Invest More By 2030, [China] will have 200 million college graduates, meaning that there will be more Chinese college grads than total U.S. workers.

-- China/Africa co-operation on infrastructure and media ...what is however unique to China’s co-operation with Africa is that words and commitments are always and promptly matched with actions...

Media Roundup

-- Baidu Up, Qihoo Down in Flared-up Internet Search War

-- Time to Follow Through on Property Tax 
-- 22 U.S.-listed Companies Announce Buyback Plans This Year 
-- Overseas-Listed Firms Seek a Path Home 
-- Chongqing Hit Developers with Large Fines in 2011

China Daily
-- Security situation serious 
-- Stronger Sino-US trade links vital 
-- Strong China policy for votes 
-- China may miss 10% trade growth target 
-- Leader greeted as a new friend to China 
-- Healthcare expenditure booms in China: report 
-- Exporters focus on domestic market 
-- Forum explores digitalization of book market

Global Times
-- US election pick barely matters for China 
-- Buying local best way to show patriotism 
-- Power of markets can lift weight off strained roads and bridges 
-- Active diplomacy needed to safeguard peace for China’s islands 
-- Varyag trial stirs up Cold War feeling for foreign watchers 
-- Dealing with comrades

The Economic Observer
-- Climbing China's Greasy Poll 
-- Cities Pilot Alternative to “Re-education through Labor”

-- China's coastal areas look to seas to stabilize growth 
-- Egypt calls for more Chinese investment 
-- Chinese contract manufacturers pinched in recession 
-- Commentary: It is unwise for U.S. to contain China 
-- Chinese gov't revenue growth slows 
-- China's economic growth slowly stabilizing: official 
-- China has critical role to play in ending global economic crisis: expert 
-- Chinese defense minister to visit Sri Lanka, India, Laos 
-- 中国将加强重特大突发环境事件信息公开 China to strengthen access to information regarding major breaking news environmental incidents