Morning Clicks: Hillary Clinton in South Asia

PUBLISHED : Friday, 31 August, 2012, 8:18am
UPDATED : Friday, 31 August, 2012, 12:44pm


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China US Focus
-- Yao Yunzhu: New Developments Impact Asia Pacific Security China is accused of lack of transparency in military affairs, of selectively developing asymmetric capabilities to offset US military advantages, and most recently, of possessing AD/A2 capabilities to counter US force projection effort.

Christian Science Monitor
-- How the US can out-invest China in Africa China recently surpassed the US as Africa’s largest trading partner, but African countries are also growing wary of Chinese investment. This presents an opportunity for US businesses.

East Asia Forum
-- Upgrading China’s economy through outward investment Chinese firms that engage in strategic asset-seeking ODI frequently meet both requirements: they have come to possess the degree of technological capability required to assimilate acquired strategic assets, and are also predominantly from industries with lower competition and higher profit margins.

Global Post
-- Chinese investors snap up German industry Chinese investors are on a shopping spree in Germany, and in one sector in particular: the legendary Mittelstand — small and mid-sized companies, many of them family-owned, that provide the backbone of Europe’s strongest and wealthiest economy.

Global Voices Online
-- Controversial Tibet Theme Park Project Launched Putting aside the political and ideological debates, even within circle of Han Chinese, the development project is highly controversial.

Gulf Daily News
-- ICBC Middle East unit eyeing key expansion Chinese banks in the region have been building their business on the back of strong growth in trade, particularly in the Gulf, where China is a big exporter of consumer goods and machinery and an importer of oil.

Mining Weekly
-- Australia is not the sole supplier to China, Rudd reminds miners Quoting a recently released report by the Australian Strategic Policy Institution, Rudd noted that between 2005 and 2010, China accounted for over 80% of the increase in global demand for nearly all metal and energy products.

Radio Australia
-- US, Australia need to restructure alliance in light of Asia's rise Australia, the United States, Japan, South Korea, India are all democratic countries who need to remain strong, need to remain partners together, not because we want to fight with China, we don't, but we want to maintain our strength so that China does not become the dominant power in the region.

Shyam Saran
-- China in the Twenty-First Century:What India Needs to Know About China's World View (PDF) The Chinese will insistently demand and sometimes obtain explicitformulations from friend and adversary alike on issues of importance to theirinterests, but will rarely concede clarity and finality in formulations reflecting theother side’s interests.

Spiegel Online
-- Berlin's Cozy New Relationship with Beijing Wen could have bridled at Merkel's attempt to intervene in China's internal affairs, as Chinese politicians tend to do in response to reproaches from the West. Instead, he listened quietly to what Merkel had to say, and she got the impression that he at least understood her argument.

The Atlantic
-- China's Long History of Defying the Doomsayers Losing legitimacy might not mean the end of the Communist Party. Past Chinese governments have survived worse.

The FCPA Blog
-- China Tax Bureau Accused Of Turning Female Staff Into Hostesses The women were reportedly instructed to keep their mobile phones switched on around the clock in case their presence should be requested to "dine, karaoke, and dance" with visiting senior officials.

The Moderate Voice
-- What if China Stumbles? In the best scenario, a significant economic downturn will be averted in China in the next few years. Most people I talked with in China expect that the Chinese government will prevent a serious economic crisis.


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China Daily
-- China vows to defend islands 
-- Tread with caution in the East 
-- Beleaguered official faces netizens online 
-- China's relations with ASEAN will stand test of time
-- Trust highlighted in Beijing forum

China Internet Information Center
-- East Asia embattled

Global Times
-- Beijing to stick to Tibet approach 
-- Rumors more credible than officials for many netizens 
-- Morsi’s Egypt: toward a new, independent foreign policy? 
-- All officials could be under public grilling

People's Daily
-- Chinese brands on the rise 
-- Can Japan-US Security Treaty protect Japan? 
-- Can Australia have its cake and eat it?

-- Chinese army capable of safeguarding maritime rights: military spokesperson 
-- China, Egypt urge political solution on Syria 
-- Chinese president reaffirms support to Europe in addressing debt crisis 
-- Interview: China always ready to listen to Pacific nations: Samoa PM 
-- Commentary: U.S. should stop playing double game 
-- Vietnamese party paper launches Chinese website 
-- Stronger China-Europe economic cooperation conducive to boosting global economy: Chinese premier 
-- U.S. defense secretary to visit China in mid-Sept.: MOD spokesman 
-- Chinese auto industry's empty slogans no match for R&D