Morning Clicks: 'New great game' underway with opening of China's Eurasia Expo

PUBLISHED : Monday, 03 September, 2012, 6:43am
UPDATED : Monday, 03 September, 2012, 9:20am


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Ahram Online
-- Egypt expects Chinese investment worth $3 bln over two years China will give 300 cars to the Egyptian interior ministry within the next month, El-Araby said. China recently sent 700 cars to the same authority, he added.

Asia Times
-- Who’s afraid of China Inc? The outpouring of views on the CNOOC-Nexen deal is a healthy development in a Canada-China relationship that is still very much in its infancy, and in a context where Canadian awareness about the rise of China on the global stage is relatively superficial.

Business Insider
-- If You Thought Afghanistan Was Complicated, Wait Until You See The Next Big International This region has long been seen as crucial to hegemony in Asia and Russia, China and the United States are all vying for control.

Chris Blattman
-- How hard do US, Chinese and German academics work? Not wholly compelling, but cute. I am slightly less impressed with our workload when I notice that downloads do not begin until 11am in the US…

Committee to Protect Journalists
-- As Wang is freed, Chinese journalist Shi Tao still held Just as Wang served out his full sentence, it seems likely Shi may spend his entire term in jail, despite legal appeals by his family.

Consulate-General of the People's Republic of China in Sydney
-- Speech by H.E Consul General Duan Jielong at the Australia-China Business Week Lunch Today, China-Australia business cooperation is gradually going beyond simple resource demand-and-supply. The trade in service is taking an increasingly higher portion in bilateral trade.

-- Two Washingtons, Three Views of Bo Xilai Fallout The Chongqing model itself — basically it’s over. Its huge debt and major infrastructure development, rapid urbanization, you name it, these are all largely because of Bo Xilai’s personal ties and his short term development plan.

Dui Hua Human Rights Journal
-- (En)countering Torture in China [Part 1 of 2]  Anti-torture pilot projects are underway nationwide, according to a recent report by Southern Metropolis Daily.
-- Jon Huntsman Part 3: China’s Rocky Road on Foreign Policy China oftentimes sees the worst in America's overtures to the region. But the fact of the matter is, we've had a strong set of alliances and relationships in the region for over 100 years. Most of them strengthened in the postwar period, but we've been very active in the Pacific for over 100 years.

-- International Press Review: Merkel’s China Trip and Germany’s Submissive Bosses [China's] market may be the world’s biggest one – but the Chinese government continues to hamper investors. In the chancellor’s presence, German company bosses vented their frustrations.

S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Singapore
-- The International Politics of the US Security Presence, China, and the South China Sea (PDF) China retains the most power over how the South China Sea situation will be resolved, but the present options available will likely force some compromise of China’s maximalist territorial claims within the Sea.

-- “More ‘doing’ required”: Ding Gang brings the taoguang-yanghui debate to the South China Sea The Scarborough Shoal standoff has been good for both China and for other claimants, since they have seen that there is no point picking fights with China.

Tea Leaf Nation
-- In China, Outsourcing of Public Power Provokes Outcry The inhumanity, or even cruelty, of Chengguan, charged with maintaining order in China’s cities, is nothing new for Chinese netizens. But even that cynical bunch was surprised to learn that some Chengguan have been allied with gangsters.

The Australian Financial Review
-- US Fed flags stimulus as China slips Chinese manufacturing has contracted for a second month in a row as the US Federal Reserve has signalled it is prepared to print more cash to stimulate its flagging economy and rifts deepen over European Central Bank plans for similar action.

The Korea Herald
-- China’s growing economic crisis Factory warehouses are cluttered with excess stock, store shelves are filled beyond capacity, and dealerships are choked with cars that used to speed from showroom to road. And yet Wen’s team in Beijing has been eerily silent about how it plans to revive things.

The News International
-- Shareholders ready to sell Gwadar port to Chinese company According to a ports and shipping analyst, handing over the port to the Chinese by transferring shares to them is the best solution. In the current scenario China is the only country which is working actively on different projects in Pakistan.

The Temasek Times
-- PM Lee to speak at Chinese Communist Party’s Central Party School in Beijing PM Lee will also be calling on Chinese leaders, including President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao. Though the PAP is supposedly ‘anti-communist’ at least in its early years, PM Lee will now be speaking at the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Party School...

Zero Hedge
-- Charting China's 'Monetary Policy' Impotence Iron Ore inventories to the roof; steel production still ramping; food and energy prices soaring; economy deteriorating rapidly. So why no major stimulus from the PBoC? Too busy in-fighting or perhaps waiting on The Fed or The ECB to rescue us all; we suspect neither of the above.


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-- How China Benefits from Restraint

China Daily
-- Authorities working on early warning system 
-- Generating 'next China' 
-- Imposing West's will on China goes against global norms 
-- Saudi a good bet for building material firms 
-- Suning profit falls 29.11% in H1 
-- Volvo project gets nod from ministry 
-- What to do as the alarm bell rings 
-- Bargain hunters circle as stocks sink 
-- Investing too much in myths about economic growth 
-- Chinese investment grows in Western firms
-- How safe is an investment in European debt?

Global Times
-- Purchasing power 
-- All officials must work to change negative image 
-- Clinton on final push for US’ Asia strategy

People's Daily
-- First series of books on Chinese Army officially unveiled 
-- How world opinion kidnapped by West's 'int'l community' rhetoric 
-- Ling Jihua appointed head of United Front Work Department 
-- Japan must take Chinese people’s feeling seriously

-- China Urges Eurasian Stability 
-- Tokyo gov't survey group starts illegal survey at waters near Diaoyu Islands 
-- Sluggish foreign trade brings woe to shipping industry 
-- Chinese premier calls for open Eurasian markets 
-- China-Eurasia Expo opens in Xinjiang 
-- China-Central Asia cooperation fund being considered: premier 
-- Chinese premier vows continued cross-border infrastructure financing 
-- China to boost cooperation with Kyrgystan 
-- Man sending threatening message to flight seized 
-- Chinese defense minister reiterates China's policy of peaceful development in Sri Lanka 
-- China in Pacific for common development: Chinese vice FM 
-- China Meets Africa Forum held in Ghana 
-- China welcomes WTO ruling on China-US e-payment dispute 
-- Interview: China opens to work with any country for Pacific development: Vice FM