Morning Clicks: Vietnam claims South China Sea oil block, demands that bidding stop

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 04 September, 2012, 6:17am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 11 October, 2016, 1:04pm
-- How America Sees China If this is how our policies are viewed, how do we expect Chinese policymakers to react? Washington has been building new military bases and refurbishing old ones in the region in order to lay the ground-work for an “air-sea battle” with China.

East Asia Forum
-- The changing face of Chinese investment Chinese outward direct investment is a relatively new phenomenon. In 2002, the first year after China’s accession to the World Trade Organization, China’s total ODI was less than US$3 billion. By 2010, however, it had already increased to more than 20 times this amount.

-- Samsung finishes initial Chinese factory audits, plans long-term solutions to labor woes Samsung faced some serious allegations surrounding the plants of its Chinese contractor HEG Electronics earlier this month, including potentially dire accusations that HEG was employing child labor.

Korean Broadcasting System
-- EXO MAMA at the 14th Korea-China Music Festival (video) EXO's performance at the 14th Korea-China Music Festival held in Yeosu, Korea, on the 25th of August, broadcasted by KBS on September 2nd. EXO as a whole performed MAMA~

Seeking Alpha
-- China - Rising Or Falling? The equally unprecedentedly high savings rate produces a mountain of savings that has few places to go. Households cannot invest abroad, the two main choices are savings accounts with banks of buying property.

Sierra Express Media
-- Chinese Embassy donates to SLAJ The National Secretariat of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists wishes to inform its members and the general public that it has received a donation of two desktop computers, two printers, two Nokia mobile phones and a carton of 100 black T-shirts from the Chinese Ambassador in Freetown, Kuang Weilin.

The Hindu
-- ‘China has no plan for Indian Ocean military bases’ An exclusive interview with Chinese Defence Minister General Liang Guanglie

Vancouver Observer
-- China's bid for Canadian oil: lessons from Africa As the decision on China's $15-billion Nexen bid looms, here are some lessons that Africa's experience can teach Canadians about business with Beijing.

Views and News from Norway
-- Stoltenberg’s son off to China Neither Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg nor members of his government or other top Norwegian politicians have been welcome in China for the past two years, but now at least one member of Stoltenberg’s own family has secured a visa.



Media Roundup

-- Rumors That CITICS Loses CNY2.9Bln Faked up by Two Retail Investors, Investigation Shows 
-- U.S. Short Seller Eyes China PICC P&C in a Trademark Case 
-- China is Okay

-- Unprofitable China COSCO Holdings Still Gets Top Rating 
-- CNPC Nears Resumption of Oil Projects in Sudan and S. Sudan 
-- Sinkholes a Growing Problem in Urban Areas, Say Experts

China Daily
-- Healthcare system to get 400b yuan injection 
-- PLA diplomacy to ease tensions 
-- A special relationship indeed 
-- Premier praises Phnom Penh's support 
-- Wen focuses on Eurasia development 
-- Investors drawn to Xinjiang 
-- Conference seeks to boost domestic demand 
-- China-Eurasia relations best in history, says Wen
-- China-Europe railway now operational

Global Times
-- Media dispute 'reconciliation' between official, stewardess 
-- North Koreans welcome here 
-- Clinton on final push for US’ Asia strategy 
-- Hillary reinforces US-China mistrust 
-- Russia’s own Asian pivot comes with big dreams, tough realities 
-- Germany puts economy ahead of ideology

People's Daily Online
-- Japan's islands survey 'illegal and invalid' 
-- Why Japanese PM tries to downplay Diaoyu issue? 
-- Chinese investment good for the host nations 
-- North Korea's leader inspect Exhibition of Arms and Equipment 
-- Clinton's high profile in S. Pacific with great pain 
-- Chinese investment good for the host nations

Sina English
-- China: Probe finds flag incident not premeditated 
-- Vietnam demands China cancel oil bidding in South China Sea 
-- Report on Pakistan’s port transfer to China spurs undue jitters 
-- Clinton fumbling into South Pacific to reclaim US gains 
-- China dismisses any bearing on US consulate spy case

The Economic Observer
-- Rebuilding Trust in Government 
-- More Officials Get TV Grilling

-- China-Russia cooperation fosters prosperous Asia Pacific: Chinese ambassador 
-- China's skyscraper fervor causes concerns of investment misstep 
-- China urges SCO members to facilitate trade, investment 
-- Singapore PM hails co-op with China 
-- China worried over spillover effect from Syrian crisis: FM spokesman 
-- China briefs Japan on investigation over incident involving ambassador's car: FM spokesman 
-- U.S. owes China convincing explanation of true intentions of its Asia Pivot policy 
-- Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao' s speech at opening session of second China-Eurasia Expo