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Meet these two Dongguan factory workers

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 13 September, 2012, 8:16am
UPDATED : Thursday, 13 September, 2012, 9:40am


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From the TED blogLeslie T. Chang, the author of the book Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China, explains in this talk from TEDGlobal 2012, those emotions obscure a larger point — that factory workers aren’t simply toiling to provide cheap products to the West. They are also toiling to make products for their own people, as well as to change their personal circumstances.


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Also sprach Analyst
-- ECB and Fed are doing PBOC’s job in stimulating Chinese economy The European Union as a whole is the second largest destination for Chinese exports, and its imports growth from China (i.e. exports from China to EU) have been in a free fall for the past few months.

China Media Project
-- Watchwords: the Life of the Party As a Leninist party, the Chinese Communist Party has always placed a strong emphasis on propaganda. It is infatuated with sloganeering, and it often turns to mass mobilization to achieve its political objectives.

China News Service
-- 汪洋:改革有困难,不改革会更困难 Guangdong Party Secretary Wang Yang speaking yesterday in Foshan: Guangdong is ripe for reforms, not implementing them now will make things more difficult.

Chinese Posters
-- Foreign Friends: African Friends The appearance of colored peoples, and blacks in particular, in Chinese propaganda posters always has been problematic. Before the CCP grasped power, the only attention devoted to colored peoples in Chinese art was of a negative tone.
-- China's Weibo Shuts Messaging Door To Outside Social Media Developers This move aims to solve some of the private messaging harassment problems users have complained about in recent months. However, it also tightens Sina's reins over how advertising messages are sent to users of its service.

-- Chinese Dieselpunk A few days ago I came across a great set of Diesel Era graphic art from China.

East Asia Forum
-- Personnel changes in China’s Politics and Law Committees Media reports point out two major trends: firstly, that some PLC jobs have been filled by provincial deputy party secretaries; secondly, that there is a trend away from provincial police chiefs concurrently acting as PLC secretaries.

Malware Blog
-- The Chinese Underground, Part 5: Blackhat Techniques, Tools, and Training The fourth and final value chain is focused on the creation of tools and the training of would-be hackers. Without tools and trained personnel, any underground community is bound to collapse sooner rather than later.

The Japan Daily Press
-- USA butts in regarding China – Japan island row ...the United States has now butt in and spoken up, warning both the countries to take into consideration the economic repercussion their escalated tensions can create.

The Japan Times
-- Japan's Russia diplomacy ...the Japanese Foreign Ministry has the tendency of being lenient toward China and strict toward Russia. This habit still lingers and has prevented the return of the Northern Territories.
-- New ships give China's navy a stronger punch In the latest step in its naval modernization and expansion, China recently announced that it is accelerating serial production of an advanced destroyer. This will tilt the regional balance of power at sea in its favor and put it in a stronger position to enforce its sovereignty claims over Taiwan and in the South and East China Seas.

The Korea Times
-- US-China ties: cooperation and competition There was evidently little if any movement on the South China Sea, where China’s territorial claims are contested by several Southeast Asian countries. The U.S., which asserts its neutrality in territorial disputes, says it is interested in maintaining freedom of navigation, but China insists that such freedom is not in danger.

The Next Web
-- Chinese reporter goes undercover at Foxconn on ‘iPhone 5′ production line The Post reporter spent 10 days on the front line of Foxconn’s Tai Yuan factory, getting his hands on (at least part of) the elusive ‘iPhone 5′ before the tough conditions became too much for him.

The Washington Post
-- Britain looks to China to fuel nuclear renaissance Chinese state corporations are backing consortiums that are vying to build nuclear plants here in a deal that pits the security interests of Washington’s closest ally against the commercial considerations of a country desperately seeking to modernize its aging energy grid.

Think Africa Press
-- How Africa can Leverage China: From Asian to African Geese Whilst South Africa is undoubtedly the lead goose on the continent, as rising production and wage costs in our economy have increased, we have not seen South African manufacturing shift to lesser cost African economies except perhaps textile and garment production moving to Lesotho.

Media Roundup
-- Chinese Man Tries to Burn Japanese Flag in Protest against Diaoyu Purchase 
-- MOF Researcher Warns of Economic Sanctions on Escalating Territorial Dispute: Report 
-- China’s Haier Offers to Buy Largest New Zealand Appliance Maker 
-- Alibaba may Go Public as Early as Next Year, Raising $8Bln

-- Learning to Cope with Lean Times 
-- Delivering on the Diaoyu Islands 
-- Baidu Challenger's Search and Destroy Mission 
-- Closer Look: Why War Is Not an Option

China Daily
-- Diaoyu Islands: Timeline of disputes 
-- Chinese leader's visit to Iran crucial for peace 
-- Tokyo must come back 'from the brink' 
-- Japanese media: Chinese patrol ships may frequent Diaoyus to assert sovereignty 
-- Chinese company secures port deal with DPRK: report 
-- Experts say it's now time to re-tool the 'world's factory'

Ministry of National Defense
-- Military expert:China will never yield on issues of territory and sovereignty

PLA Daily
-- North China Sea Fleet holds multi-arm joint confrontation training

The Economic Observer
-- New Loans Increased in August 
-- Property Tax Inspection Tightens 
-- Let Children Be Themselves

-- China reiterates Diaoyu Islands position to Japanese diplomat 
-- China's top legislator begins visit to Myanmar 
-- Xinhua Insight: China strives to regain manufacturing competitiveness 
-- Commentary: China's economy: less speed, but no more stimulus 
-- IAEA urged to handle Iranian nuclear issue objectively 
-- China announces measures to stabilize foreign trade 
-- Advice needed for improving social management: Chinese leaders