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Dead Tibetans

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 11 October, 2012, 8:10am
UPDATED : Thursday, 11 October, 2012, 8:44am

With the self-immolation on October 6 of 27-year-old Sangay Gyatso, according to writer Tsering Woeser, a total of 59 ethnic Tibetans have attempted fiery suicide in China since early 2009. Forty-six of those have succeeded. Gyatso left behind a 5-year-old daughter and a 7-year-old son.

Gyatso's photo completed the montage above, now circulating online, which features 56 of Tibet's self-immolating protesters.


Morning Clicks

Amnesty International
-- Death Penalty: A decade on, executions are on the wane but challenges remain But even though there are fewer offending states, a handful – among them powerful states like the USA and China – still carry out executions with appalling regularity.

China US Focus
-- What We Know About China’s Leadership Change One of the most remarkable aspects of this leadership transition – what is known as the change from fourth generation leaders under Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao, to younger fifth generation leaders – is that the very thing we would see most fiercely debated in electoral political systems in the West - policy differences - almost makes no appearance in this process.

-- Huawei kicks off £1.3bn UK investment with new HQ Huawei also plans to increase the company's workforce from the 800 it currently employs in the UK, to 1,500 over the same period.
-- Profit from Unreasonable Fear - Investment Ideas It's not that markets forget; they are simply looking forward, as we all should, towards the future. Think about where you'd be in life or how stagnant your evolution would be if you dwelled in the past all of the time.

Open Society Foundations
-- Mapping Digital Media: China Probably nowhere else have so many other things been changing at the same time as the technological advances with which this study is concerned. And probably nowhere else has digitization flourished on such a scale in such a closed media environment.

The American Interest
-- Australia, US, Canada Agree: Huawei is a Security Threat So if the House report is “groundless” and “untrue”, as China’s commerce ministry spokesman, Shen Danyang, said yesterday, a lot of people in a lot of places are making the same mistake.

The Asahi Shimbun
-- Takeshi Jingu: China accelerates securities industry deregulation Comprising 11 measures, the plan is a blueprint for near-term reforms. Although an official version of the plan had yet to be released as of the end of August, the CSRC has started to launch individual measures in accord to the plan.

The Atlantic
-- China Strikes Back: Defending Huawei and ZTE From Its Congressional Critics After two of China's telecom behemoths endured a very public smack down at the hands of the U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Chinese web users are standing up -- or at least tweeting -- in defense.

The Australian Financial Review
-- Shanghai invites in Aussie fund managers ... at a price The proposal is being considered by the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation group to promote financial markets and attract some of the trillions in savings across Asia.

The Christian Science Monitor
-- How to create jobs in Africa Vice President Scott says that Africa should follow the example of China in keeping the costs of money down and its exchange rate weak. He cites the example of a Zambian entrepreneur who made it in manufacturing in China as an example of how Africans can prosper in the right environment.

The Daily Beast
-- The Illegal-Donor Loophole Further complicating the issue are websites like—which is owned not by the Obama campaign but by Robert Roche, an American businessman and Obama fundraiser who lives in Shanghai.

The Guardian
-- Huawei and the China difference In the case of China, though, we are invited to accept that China can benefit from engagement in the world – from the globalisation that brought billions of investment into the country, the international trade that fed its long boom, or the raising of billions in capital for Chinese companies on international stock exchanges – without accepting the rules.

The New American
-- Chinese Telecom Threat Used to Push Cybersecurity Bill Despite fierce opposition from Internet-freedom activists around the world, the bipartisan establishment in Washington, D.C., has been working fiendishly to impose some sort of federal “cyber-security” regime on the American people for years.

The Sydney Morning Herald
-- Grasping the Chinese growth juggernaut Did you see the headline about the International Monetary Fund upgrading its forecast of Australia's economic growth? No, I didn't either, because there isn't one.

The Vancouver Sun
-- Chinese nationals brought in to fill B.C. coal miner shortage The first of a group of 200 temporary Chinese workers approved by the federal government will start arriving in B.C. in coming weeks to work in the burgeoning northeast coal industry...

U.S. Congressional-Executive Commission on China
-- 2012 Annual Report (PDF) In a year marked by a major internal political scandal and leadership transition, Chinese officials appeared more concerned with ‘‘maintaining stability’’ and preserving the status quo than with addressing the grassroots calls for reform taking place all over China.

U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
-- Investigative Report on the U.S. National Security Issues Posed by Chinese Telecommunications Companies Huawei and ZTE (PDF) In sum, the Committee finds that the companies failed to provide evidence that would satisfy any fair and full investigation.  Although this alone does not prove wrongdoing, it factors into the Committee’s conclusions below.


Media Roundup

-- Canada may Exclude Huawei From Government Network

China Daily
-- No joke, China job creator for US 
-- Mo Yan earns praise for historical perspectives 
-- Kissinger: US should not take sides on Diaoyu Islands 
-- Eurozone may look to Beijing for funds 
-- Tibet 5100 to expand intnl sales 
-- Airlines and travel agents affected by island row

Global Times
-- Lawyers do battle on reform’s front lines 
-- Tokyo’s compromise sends subtle message 

Guangxi News Net
-- A Chinese Medical Worker in Africa

People's Daily
-- China should play an important role in making int’l rules 
-- Many Chinese netizens find 'Gangnam Style' vulgar 
-- Global hit 'Gangnam Style’ and its cultural content

Shanghai Daily
-- Clean energy investment weakens

Sina English
-- Asia to plunge in Nuke nightmare? 
-- Zhou: Avoid conflicts caused by inappropriate handling of petition

-- SpaceX's Dragon capsule docks with space station 
-- Chinese gov't slashes more administrative approval items 
-- DPRK vows to bolster missile capability to strike U.S. stronghold 
-- Special Report: African countries welcome growing Chinese presence despite West's criticism 
-- China considers more Mars probes before 2030 
-- Chinese telecom firms' overseas business mutually beneficial: FM 
-- Business forum promotes Chinese investment in Western Canada 
-- Chinese investment in U.S. create more than 10,000 American jobs: study 
-- Xinhua Insight: Chinese shoppers offer glimmer of hope for gloomy economy