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Morning Clicks: October 22

PUBLISHED : Monday, 22 October, 2012, 4:38am
UPDATED : Monday, 22 October, 2012, 3:20pm

Associated Press
-- US aircraft carrier cruises disputed Asian seas Vietnamese security and government officials were flown onto the nuclear-powered USS George Washington ship, underlining the burgeoning military relationship between the former enemies.

-- China Foreign Investment Drops Amid Slowing Economic Growth Investment fell 6.8 percent from a year earlier to $8.43 billion, the Ministry of Commerce said in Beijing today. Spending in the first nine months of the year dropped 3.8 percent to $83.4 billion compared with a drop of 3.4 percent in the first eight months.

China Law Blog
-- Getting Money Out Of China. That’s Illegal. Why would you call a lawyer to ask how you can violate the law?  What you are seeking is not legal help, but a way to skirt the law and there is no way we are going to help in that.

Council on Foreign Relations
-- Foreign Policy Questions for the Candidates China-bashing television ads and debate over whose pension fund has Chinese companies are not going to help the American people understand who would better manage U.S.-China relations and China's rise.
-- What We Need to Hear From the Candidates on China

Cynical Kenyan Perspective
-- 5 Reasons Why China Is Africa’s New Best Friend When it comes to investments, Africa said “Show me the money”, and China wrote a check. Meanwhile, the West only managed to come up with a list of demands and pre-conditions. As they say, “Money talks, and B.S. walks.”

Daily Yomiuri
-- Chinese ships in waters near Senkaku isles Soon after 9:30 a.m., a fishery patrol vessel, the Yuzheng 202, operated by the Chinese Agriculture Ministry's Fisheries Bureau, was seen sailing 42 kilometers west-northwest of Kubajima island, also in the Senkaku chain. The ship entered the contiguous zone near the island.

-- China's consumer-led growth Until recently, the official statistics showed that investment made the biggest contribution to China's growth in every year since 2001. But earlier this week the new edition of the China Statistical Yearbook arrived on my desk with a thud.

Economy Watch Asia
-- Moving Beyond Manufacturing, to Innovation Before in China, you didn’t need much technology or innovation to be successful in business. All you needed was courage and brute force to take advantage of the cheap labour and government subsidized land. But the cost advantage in China is eroding.

Foreign Policy
-- The Creation Myth of Xi Jinping Beyond China, diplomats, multinational chief executives, and world leaders are often (perhaps overly) impressed by Xi's presence, his willingness to set aside talking points and hold a genuine conversation, and even the way he likes to place his large frame in the middle of a spacious room and greet his guests with a deep and mellifluous "ni hao," or hello.

Global Voices Online
-- Hong Kong: Beijing Direct Intervention on Radio Operation Leaked The leaked tape proves that the top management of the radio, represented by Albert Cheng, has been under pressure from major shareholders who keep constant communication with the Beijing government's representative in Hong Kong.

In the Riverside Heights
-- A letter to U.S.Presidential Candidates before their third debate We will welcome it if you would mention that trade issues with China are not just purely economic but also involve human rights issues, because so many Chinese workers are being paid so low and have to work under harsh conditions to make very cheap products.

-- The Wild World of China’s Net Cafes Here's a look at some of the more colorful moments (including a few game expo snaps), collected by Chinese site TT Mop...

Kyodo News
-- China did not refer to Senkakus as core interest in talks with U.S. Chinese leaders did not refer to the Japanese-controlled Senkaku Islands, claimed by Beijing, as a core national interest in talks with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in September in an apparent attempt to avoid a diplomatic clash with Washington, U.S. State Department sources said Sunday.

Los Angeles Times
-- Director takes Chinese censorship, business battles public Lou Ye, filmmaker of the dark melodrama 'Mystery,' a French-Chinese co-production, was told to edit two scenes and cancel the co-production agreement. In an unusual move, the rebel director has blogged about the negotiations and interactions with authorities.

Munk Debates
-- Is China's rise unstoppable? (video) From energy scarcity to environmental degradation to political unrest to growing global security burdens, a host of factors could derail China's global ascent.

New York Times
-- China-Korea Tensions Rise After Failed Venture Lured by cheap iron ore and low wages, the Xiyang Group, one of China’s biggest mining conglomerates, took a significant risk, building a mine in economically backward North Korea that was designed to feed China’s steel mills and provide much-needed investment to China’s impoverished ally.

-- Romney says Obama also has investments in Chinese companies and through a Cayman Islands trust Romney told Obama: "You also have investments in Chinese companies. You also have investments outside the United States. You also have investments through a Caymans trust." It’s an accurate set of statements when you consider investments made by managers of the Illinois pension fund in which Obama has an account.

-- China practices stopping "illegal entry" near disputed seas State news agency Xinhua said the drill was the largest in recent years, made up of 11 vessels, eight aircraft and more than 1,000 sailors.

South African Government News Agency
-- Davies to lead business delegation to China Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies will today lead 68 companies to the South African Expos in China which seeks to expand the basket of export products to the Asian nation.

The Asahi Shimbun
-- Japan fails to win support on Senkakus issue from Europe's 'Big 3' Despite his announcements of achievements, Foreign Minister Koichiro Genba failed to win clear support from France, Britain and Germany for Japan’s sovereignty claims to the Senkaku Islands during his European tour.
-- Niwa: Japan-China ties faces worst crisis in 40 years The Japanese ambassador to China sounded a strong warning on strained bilateral ties following the recent flare-up of a territorial dispute, declaring the situation so dire that it could set back diplomacy between the two nations to a time before they normalized relations 40 years ago.

The Australian Financial Review
-- The politics of fearing China If China maintains current growth rates, the size of its economy could pass America’s towards the end of this decade or early next decade, ending more than a century of US dominance. But would it mean anything?
-- China warns over UN seat sycophancy Chinese officials have signalled that Beijing expects Australia to take a less pro-American approach to diplomacy on the United Nations Security Council, a sign that the Gillard government’s successful campaign for the seat may force it to side against Australia’s major trading partner in international disputes.

The Hill
-- US wins trade case over steel exports to China U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk said the WTO's Appellate Body ruled that Beijing had acted inconsistently with its trade obligations by illegally imposing duties on anti-dumping and countervailing duties on grain oriented flat-rolled electrical steel (GOES).

The Jamestown Foundation
-- China and Qatar Forge a New Era of Relations around High Finance Due to its increasing demand for Middle Eastern oil and natural gas and growing diplomatic and economic profile on the world stage, Beijing is consumed justifiably with the potential repercussions of prolonged regional instability on its position.

The Register
-- Move over Silicon Valley, the Chinese are coming Over 40 per cent of technology leaders think that Silicon Valley will be supplanted by China as the world’s leading tech innovation hub, according to a new report from KPMG.

Wall Street Journal
-- The U.S. government blocked another Chinese firm's investment, citing security concerns. (video) The WSJ's Dinny McMahon explains how such events will affect U.S.-China relations.

-- China's largest online store makes global debut Amid fierce local competition, China's biggest online store -- -- has launched its English website and now ships to 36 countries.

-- In Historic First China Begins Oil Extraction In Afghanistan As Reuters reports, in a historic development, and in a key staking of regional energy claims, a Chinese oil firm, China National Petroleum Corp, has just started oil production in the country which still has thousands of US troops on the ground.


China media

-- China Fiscal Revenue Growth Sows to 11.9Pct, Central Revenue Fell

-- State Media Articles Call for Continued Reform

China Daily
-- Higher costs forcing firms to relocate 
-- Managing 'coopetition' 
-- Five new members elected to UN Security Council 
-- Education evolution of Central Party School 
-- Good time for foreign investment in real estate 
-- Investment from China in US reaches record high
-- Chinese buyout firms scout tech, other areas in US investment push 
-- UK targets Chinese tourists 
-- Ready to rumble 
-- Islands dispute hurts investment, trade with Japan
-- Dancing the dance, and talking the talk

Global Times
-- Japan must adapt to China’s navy moves 
-- North Korea becoming open field for Chinese firms to compete in

Sina English
-- S. Korea on highest alert on DPRK's military threatens 
-- Chinese ships approach Diaoyu Islands

-- Chinese vice premier urges structural upgrades via taxation reforms 
-- News Analysis: Performance, rather than content, to weigh heavily in final U.S. presidential debate 
-- Interview: Manufacturing renaissance key to U.S. competitiveness, prosperity: expert 
-- Xinhua Insight: The rise of China and tomorrow's world 
-- China-Vietnam bilateral business cooperation expected to strengthen 
-- China pledges peaceful development, calling on cooperation with S. Asian countries 
-- Xinhua Insight: CPC faces economic-ecological harmony challenges 
-- China focus: Canton Fair foretells grim trade outlook, economic rebalancing 
-- NE China to set up two drone bases for marine surveillance 
-- China opens two more ports to promote cross-Strait shipping